Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Recipe / More

Lets Talk Weight Fluctuation. How discouraging when your scale starts to climb up. But this is where the resolve comes into play. Before I would quickly revert back to old habits, but this time I will get out the food logs from 2 months ago and see what is causing this. I have a sneaking suspision  that it is because I added back some sugar free items. I read once in a book and this doctor was sure sugar subs can be just as harmful as pure sugar when it comes to diet. Will let you know what happens when I cut them out.

Well today is our church annual corn roast. I will go and have 1 ear of corn with 1 tsp butter. We get the Olathe "Olathe Sweet Corn".

So I have a simple recipe for you today that is quite good:
        4 oz Turkey Pastrami
        4 Fresh lettuce leaves
        1 oz 2% American Cheese
        Spicy Mustard
       Horseradish Sauce

        Wash lettuce well. Can use what ever lettuce you wish.
         Lay out lettuce after draining of excess water.
         Place 1 oz of Turkey Pastrami in leaf, add 1/4 of cheese
         Roll up. Repeat 3 more times. Use spicy mustard and/or horseradish to dip roll in. Bon Appetite

May the Lord continue to Bless you day and night


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