Monday, June 18, 2012

new Pictures June 2012

Well finally here are those new pics. had to retake because new camera not working right. So here we go. 200 pounds lighter than when we started this journey. feeling much better and doing much more activity wise also. :)

Forget the date. You would think after 4 years I would remember to change the date when I put in new batteries. Duh!!

Have a great Week.

Here are some added photos of my fishing trip yesterday.

First and third are of Confluence Lake Late evening, Second photo is of Ward lake, and the rest are of Cobbett Lake. No fish pics but honest I caught 12 nice ones. I will get photos before the fish fry this friday. The funny thing is I personally do not eat fish. LOL

Friday, June 15, 2012

Checkin In

Hello all. It has been awhile since I have been here. Sorry about that. Summer time is busy time and not a lot of extra time to spend. Well that is not exactly true but getting out in Gods creation is a priority to me in the summer so bear with me.

I have some pictures to share as soon as I get to Wally World and get them downloaded. I do not seem to have the right connection to do it myself.

Great news is I hit my first level goal. 200 pounds lost. Yeah!!! Only 140 more to go. :)

Praying you all have a safe and blessed weekend. Get our and enjoy Gods handywork this weekend.


An old school chum of mine Wife has a new blog she is doing please check it out.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Are You Losing Weight The Smart Way?

First a little quiz:

Eating Breakfast helps you lose weight? True False

Correct, the answer is "true." People who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off tend to be breakfast eaters, and breakfast eating is associated with lower body mass index (BMI), according to research. Why? It's likely because eating a good breakfast fuels you for the day. Skip it and you're sure to be ravenous by midmorning. And what's easiest to grab then? Donuts, bagels, mini peanut butter cups -- high carb, blood sugar spiking foods that are there for the quick and easy taking. If you truly can't find the time in the morning for a hard-boiled egg, some Greek yogurt, or another protein food, stock up on some low carb protein bars you can eat on the run. If you're one of those people who isn't hungry in the morning, check your nighttime eating habits. Unless you've overconsumed calories before going to bed, the fast between evening and morning should result in a good appetite. Finally, a healthy breakfast can put you on track for better food choices the rest of the day.

To lose weight cut out all in between meal snacks? True False

Correct, the answer is "false." Although high-carb, processed snack foods can sabotage weight loss, healthy snacks between meals can control hunger and keep blood sugar and energy on an even keel. And when mealtime comes, those snacks mean you won't be as hungry, so you'll eat less and make better food choices. A small apple, berries, and raw veggies all make great snacks; they'e high in nutrients, and packed with fiber that makes you feel full. For optimal blood sugar control and weight loss, combine a carbohydrate snack with some protein, such as a handful of nuts, cheese, sliced meat, or a piece of leftover chicken. Plan your snacks and pack them if necessary so you don't end up starving and grabbing the first convenience food you can find.

Eating Low Glycemic foods will aid in weight loss? True False

Correct, the answer is "true." Because low-GI foods such as fruits, vegetables, and most whole grains are high in fiber, they help make you feel full. That helps you stick to your diet without hunger pangs. That fiber also moderates the rise in blood sugar from carbohydrate-containing foods, so you don't end up with spikes and the blood sugar-insulin rollercoaster that can result in excessive fat storage. But don't think that low-GI is a free pass. There are plenty of unhealthy foods that rank low; for example, M&Ms, potato chips, and pound cake are all ranked as low-GI! So stick to low-GI foods that are also low in carbs and high in nutrition.

Avoid nuts, they are high in fat? True False

Correct, the answer is "true." Because low-GI foods such as fruits, vegetables, and most whole grains are high in fiber, they help make you feel full. That helps you stick to your diet without hunger pangs. That fiber also moderates the rise in blood sugar from carbohydrate-containing foods, so you don't end up with spikes and the blood sugar-insulin rollercoaster that can result in excessive fat storage. But don't think that low-GI is a free pass. There are plenty of unhealthy foods that rank low; for example, M&Ms, potato chips, and pound cake are all ranked as low-GI! So stick to low-GI foods that are also low in carbs and high in nutrition.

Last one

Fat free or Sugar Free mean food is low calorie? True False

Correct, the answer is "false." It's easy to fall for the claims on packages and buy lowfat and sugar free treats. If it's lowfat or sugar free, people figure, it must be low in carbs and calories, too. Sadly, in almost every case, that's just not so -- even in foods most consider healthy. One cup of full-fat yogurt has 138 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbs. A cup of the nonfat version has 127 calories, 0.4 grams of fat, and 17 grams of carbs. You save hardly any calories with the nonfat version, but you do get a big bump in the carb count. Check the nutrition labels of other "healthier" versions of your favorite foods and you'll probably see the same thing. If the calories really are lower, chances are the carbohydrate grams are still the same or even higher. The reality is that modified versions of most foods are no better or are worse than their originals.

Become a label reader. It is the only full proof plan to know what you are getting. For insistence I bought a bottle of vitamin water the other day. Good for you right? Well I did not look close at the label. There is vitamin water and vitamin water 0. the difference is about 38 grams of sugar. My body had some difficulty digesting all that sugar for a couple of days. So do not be in a hurry, read those labels.

If you got the majority of these question right then you already have a good base knowledge of what you need to do. All you have to do is implement what you know. That is not always easy but is your health important enough to do the right thing. If so you are ready for this journey. If you say no or I do not know, then you need to do some more studying and thinking.

To all of you a very best of days are on there way. Keep up the good work. Remember one fall is not failure, not getting up is. :)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are Your Workout Mistakes Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

So here comes the heat! What can you do that may sabotage your weight loss game when working out.

1 Working out in the mid day heat: If you are an outside person and do your workouts in the fresh air of nature, then try to avoid doing so in the midday heat. Dehydration can be reached very quickly in high heat. I remember in Ft Benning when I was stationed there, that several soldiers collapsed do to heat exhaustion and a couple even died. So try to exercise in the cool of the morning or the evening. Of coarse if you use a gym this is not such an issue but keeping hydrated is still very important.

2. Skimping on H2O: again I can not stress the importance of keeping yourself hydrated during any workouts. This includes when your out in the yard doing work. It is very easy to think I just need to get this done and then I will get a drink. Keep a bottle of water with you always. Keep yourself hydrated always. 

3. Toughing out high temps: I usually walk a mile but today is so hot, I still can do that mile. Then about 1/2 way through you go down like a sack of bricks. Heat can be very detrimental on the body. I believe anything over 100 degrees should be avoided when doing any physical insertion. I know some of you work hard in high heat to make a living but even then there are precautions you take. You say I can't afford a gym, well there are options. Mall walking, Almost everywhere has a super Wal Mart now days or walking during the cooler parts of the day.

4. Forgetting to apply Sun block: GUILTY! I am always forgetting to put on the sunblock. It is an important tool to use to keep such things as skin cancers and burns to a minimum; If you are going to be in the sun a lot use a SPF 30 or more for the best protection.(wearing long sleeves and a hat does not hurt either)

5. Repletion spent energy: Remember after workout to get plenty of H2O, and some sort of carb or calorie intake. You are counting calories and you want to burn more than you take in, but if you burn more than you should the body will go into starvation mode and will start hanging onto everything and storing as fat so where have you gotten. This will allow a fast recovery for the next days workout, Now I am not saying hit Pizza hut or McD's after your workout.  A good fortified protein drink or bar would be a great recovery, and then about 20 min latter hit the liquids. The reason behind this is if you intake a solid and then wash it down with a drink you are actually washing it out. The liquid will help flush it through before your system can absorb the nutrients so again what have you gained. As far as that I would recommend ant time you eat wait 20 to 30 min before drinking any kind of liquid.

So there you have it. Exercise Smart, and keep getting healthy. I know it pays off first hand. I have lost 185 pounds in the last 17 months, I no longer need Diabetes meds, Sleep aid, my cholesterol is lower and all my blood work is normal. Does it pay off, in more ways than I can begin to say.

I had my three month check in yesterday and everything is going great. I needed to bump up my protein intake but the rest is going well. I am back on regular food now. So hang in there. Remember this is a life long journey and I have the belief that you will succeed!

Until next time


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fast Food = Fast weight GAIN!

So I came across this articular in my newest issue of "Your Weight" which is a publication of OAC (Obesity Action Coalition. If you have not checked this out yet I highly recommend it. Their url is 

So I am going to give you some calorie counts on Fast Food. Remember that in most cases 1200 - 2000 calories is what you are to take in depending on your size and level of activity per DAY. I was told by many Dietician that you should limit your fat intake to 5 g per item. So here we go:

McDonald's Big Mac                  540 Calories   29 grams of fat
Burger King Whopper               670 calories   40 grams of fat
Wendy's Bacon Deluxe Double  880 calories   52 grams of fat
Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande    770 calories   24 grams of fat

That is the sandwich now for the sides:

McDonald's Fries Medium order   380 calories   19 grams of fat
Dairy Queen Onion Rings              360 calories    16 grams of fat
Popeye's (chicken) Coleslaw          260 calories     23 grams of fat

Gotta have a drink right?

Wendy's large Frosty                        540 calories   8 grams of fat
McDonald's Sweet Tea  Large         280 calories   0 grams of fat
Dunkin Donuts Iced Carmel Latte 450 Calories  12 grams of fat

Here is a little thing they forgot to teach us, sugar = fat. 0 grams of fat but a boat load of sugar. My ex use to eat cinnamon bears because they were fat free. well that is what she would tell me anyway. sugar no good. 

So if you ate at McD's and had a big mac, med fries, and sweet Ice tea large you would consume about 1200 calories in one meal. remember the daily total? I know from personal experience that my favorite meal before was a super Sonic Cheeseburger, Sonic sized fries, and a route 44 Coke. any guesses? around 1800 calories. 

Wonder why there is an obesity epidemic? Do Not get me wrong I am not pointing fingers and blaming any of these fast food places. We make the decision, Ronald is not holding a gun on us making us eat there. We as a whole must take control of ourselves and teach our children better too. 

Another statistic I heard is that this generation of young people are the first in a long time to have an average life span shorter than the previous generation, cause, OBESITY!

Well I hope this helps someone make a better decision next time they drive by their favorite Fat Farm. :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's Best Recipe

So here is April's recipe of the Month:



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A great recipe that is easy to prepare. This asparagus casserole is always a big hit at potluck get-togethers.


  • 2 pkgs. frozen asparagus pieces
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/8 tsp. pepper
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/2 C. saltine crackers, crushed
  • 1 sm. jar diced pimientos
  • 1 8oz. pkg. Velveeta cheese, cubed
  • 1 C. butter


In bowl, mix salt, pepper and eggs. Add defrosted asparagus pieces, pimientos and Velveeta cheese. Place in greased casserole (2 qt. size) and cover with crushed cracker crumbs. Top with pieces of butter and place in 350-degree oven for 1 hour (uncovered). Casserole will resemble a quiche and the cracker crumbs and butter will be toasted.
Use a casserole with deeper sides than a square pan as the filling does tend to bubble up.

So I am gathering some information on "Fatty Liver". I will share when I get it put together. Weather has been beutiful so been getting out more and doing some yard work. But I am realizing I still have a way to go as far as my back. But steady I will get better. Just want to say Thanks to all my readers, and today a special shout out to all of you in Russia. Than you for your continued support. :)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

25 Low Carb Fruits

So as we enter into the Summer months here in The US and surrounding areas fruit and that natural sweetness seems to just hit the spot, whether it is in a tall glass of lemonade or a juicy slice of melon. So with that in mind I am listing 25 of the low carb fruits. 

My last post I listed 25 low carb veggies. if you missed it it is under the title of "Warm Days Ahead".

These are some great fruits and some I did not realize were low carb, but remember everything in moderation. To mush of anything can be bad!

I hope this helps you along your journey, and if you have a nice recipe to go with any of these fruits listed please share. :)

Have a great week where ever you are!


25 Low Carb Fruits


It contains 3.5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cubed casaba melon contains 5.5g of carbs. Casaba melons are an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. They are also a good source of vitamin B6, which can reduce levels of homocysteine — a key risk factor for heart disease.


It contains 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of diced watermelon contains 5.5g of carbs. Watermelon is packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lycopene, which has been shown to reduce the risk of several forms of cancer. It also contains citrulline, which our body needs to create arginine, an amino acid that has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity.


They contain 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced strawberries contains 6.5g of carbs. Strawberries are loaded with phytonutrients, which makes them heart-protective, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory fruits. They contain ellagic acid, which may inhibit tumor growth. The anthocyanins found in strawberries block the pain and inflammation-causing compounds, COX-1 and COX-2.


It contains 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of diced cantaloupe contains 6.5g of carbs. Cantaloupe is a potassium, vitamin A, and beta-carotene heavyweight. Potassium is key for maintaining healthy blood pressure and may lower the risk of stroke. Vitamin A and beta-carotene are essential nutrients for good vision.


It contains 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of avocado contains 6.5g of carbs. Avocados are high in monosaturated fat, which actually helps lower cholesterol and has been linked to a lower risk of cancer and diabetes. They are a good source of lutein, an antioxidant that helps your eyes and skin stay healthy, and a wide range of anti-inflammatory nutrients that may help prevent arthritis. They are high in fiber — one avocado has between 11 and 17 grams of fiber — which makes them great for blood sugar regulation.


They contain 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of blackberries contains 7g of carbs. Blackberries may inhibit metalloproteinese enzymes. When found in high amounts, these enzymes play a significant role in cancer development. Blackberries are also packed with polyphenols and anthocyanins, which can help prevent cancer and heart disease.


It contains 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of diced honeydew melon contains 8g of carbs. Honeydew melon is a high volume fruit. For its weight, it contains a high amount of water, fiber, and air. It contains few calories but makes you feel full, so it's good for weight loss. It is also an excellent source of potassium, which can lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke.


It contains 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half medium grapefruit contains 10.5g of carbs. Grapefruits are a great source of Vitamin C, which supports the immune system. The red and pink colors of grapefruit are due to lycopene, an antioxidant that may have anti-tumor effects. In addition, they contain liminoids that also prevent tumor growth. Pectin, a soluble fiber that may slow the progress of atherosclerosis and lower cholesterol, is also found in grapefruit.


They contain 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium orange contains 15.5g of carbs. Oranges contain more than 170 cancer fighting phytochemicals and 60 flavonoids. This includes liminoids, which may fight cancer and lower cholesterol. They have a variety of heart-protecting nutrients, including blood pressure-lowering potassium, cholesterol-lowering pectin, and homocysteine-lowering folate. They're also an excellent source of vitamin C.


They contain 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium peach contains 14.5g of carbs. Peaches are a good source of calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, and vitamins C, K, and A. They also contain beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid with some anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


It contains 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium papaya contains 30g of carbs. Papayas are a good source of 3 powerful antioxidants — vitamins C, E, and A — that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and may prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease. They're one of the best sources of digestive enzymes that break down protein and may help reduce inflammation.


They contain 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One half cup of cranberries contain 6.5g of carbs. Cranberries are best known for their ability to protect against urinary tract infections, due to their proanthocyanidin content. But they also contain at least 5 key categories of health-supportive phytonutrients and have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

#13: PLUMS

They contain 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium plum contains 7.5g of carbs. Plums have a high content of phenols — antioxidants that help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats. These include the fats that make up a substantial portion of our brain cells, the cholesterol in our bloodstream, and our cell membranes.


They contain 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of raspberries contains 7.5g of carbs. Raspberries are a fiber powerhouse — there are 8g of fiber per cup. They're also one of the best sources of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that may inhibit tumor growth and the spread of cancer. They're rich in a group of flavonoids called anthocyanins that have unique antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


They contain 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium clementine contains 9g of carbs. Clementines are rich in vitamin C, which helps support the immune system. They're also a good source of calcium, a necessity for bone health, and potassium, which can help lower blood pressure.


It contains 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of pineapple chunks contains 11g of carbs. Pineapples contain bromelain, a rich source of enzymes that aids digestion, speeds up wound healing, and reduces inflammation. They're also an excellent source of the trace mineral manganese, which is necessary for healthy skin, bone and cartilage formation, and glucose tolerance.


They contain 6g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium nectarine contains 15g of carbs. Nectarines are a good source of vitamin A, potassium, and beta-carotene. The peel is rich in bioflavonoids — antioxidants that may help prevent cancer. They're also a good source of fiber, which is necessary for good digestive health.


They contain 7g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of blueberries contains 11g of carbs. Blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses that help protect against heart disease and cancer. They're packed with anthocyanides, which prevent free radical damage to cells and tissues. Blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia. They also contain ellagic acid, which blocks metabolic pathways that can lead to cancer.


They contain 7g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium apple with skin contains 25g of carbs. Apples are loaded with phytochemicals that give them plenty of antioxidant power. They can decrease oxidation of cell membrane fats, a risk factor for atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems. Polyphenols found in apples influence digestion and absorption of carbs, which means they may help regulate blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that apples may protect against lung cancer.

#20: PEAR

It contains 7g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium pear contains 27.5g of carbs. Pears are a good source of fiber, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels. They're also a great source of vitamin C and copper, both of which are antioxidants that help protect against free radical damage.


It contains 8g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium kiwi without skin contains 11g of carbs. Kiwis contain twice the amount of vitamin C as oranges. They've been shown to protect DNA in the nucleus of cells from oxygen-related damage. Kiwis are a good source of fiber, which can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. They may also lower your risk for blood clots and reduce fats in your blood, therefore helping to protect cardiovascular health.


They contain 8g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cherries contains 11g of carbs. Cherries are loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-cancer properties. Cancer fighting compounds include quercetin and ellagic acid, which may inhibit tumor growth. Cherries have also been shown to lower levels of uric acid in the blood, the leading cause of gout pain.


It contains 8g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium tangerine contains 12g of carbs. Tangerines contain beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid that may significantly lower the risk of lung cancer. The peel contains a compound called polymethoxylated flavones that has the potential to effectively lower cholesterol.


It contains 8g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup sliced mango contains 14g of carbs. Mangoes are a high volume food, so you get a lot of food for the amount of calories you consume. They're an excellent source of potassium, vitamin A, and beta-carotene, as well as a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium.


It contains 9g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium persimmon contains 8.5g of carbs. Persimmons are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, and iron. They contain compounds known as shibuol and betulinic acid, both of which have anti-cancer properties. The peel contains phytochemicals known as proanthocyanidins that may protect cells from oxidative stress due to aging.

The nutrition information in this post is adapted from The George Mateljan Foundation's "World's Healthiest Foods" website (

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warm Days Ahead!

well I think summer is finally here. it has been in the 80's this week here and have enjoyed getting out and doing some yard work. Have to do a little at a time. do not want to over do it. I forget sometimes that I had a very serious surgery just about 3 months ago. The great news is I have lost another 5 pounds this week. So that is 180 pounds. I am closing in on that 200 pound mark.

Heard from the Doc's office today and all my liver function tests came back looking great. So basically continue to exercise, eat right, and take my Vitamin E every day. That will be it and my liver should be fine. Thanks Dr Prosser, sorry about the spelling, and thanks for the feedback on this blog. much appreciated. you have a great staff.

 Here are 25 of the lowest carb Veggies, I do not agree with the last one and I will share why at the end:

Before this I would like to add, I have heard people saying this lately. "I couldn't eat that" or "I couldn't give that up". My friends all I know is for me there was only one thing I "could not DO", That was live another year, Unless I made changes now. That is fact from the Doc. But now I am off Diabetes meds, lower dose of cholesterol med, and do not need a lot of help sleeping. I am active and liking life again. Can't wait to LOVE IT again. (soap box closed)

The 25 Lowest Carb Veggies


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup of arugula contains 1g of carbs. Arugula is rich in phytonutrients, which may reduce the risk of several kinds of cancers, including breast, stomach, and colon.


It contains 1g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced cucumber contains 2g of carbs. The flesh of a cucumber is mostly water but also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling. The skin is rich in fiber, magnesium, and potassium — a combination that may help lower blood pressure.


It contains 1g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked broccoli raab (also spelled "rabe" and also sometimes called "rapini") contains 3g of carbs. This immune-boosting vegetable is a rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin, which may help prevent macular degeneration. It's also a great source of calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and bone-building vitamin K.


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup of shredded iceberg lettuce contains 2g of carbs. Iceberg lettuce is an excellent source of potassium and manganese and a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. Two medium stalks of celery contains 2.5g of carbs. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin C. It is also rich with nutrients such as phthalides, which may lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and coumarins, which may protect against some forms of cancer by preventing damage from free radicals.


They contain 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of raw sliced white mushrooms contains 2g of carbs. Mushrooms are extremely dense with nutrients, including selenium, a trace mineral that may help fight cancer. They are also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and may help prevent cardiovascular disease.


They contain 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced raw radishes contains 2g of carbs. Radishes are an excellent source of vitamin C and calcium. Like other cruciferous veggies, they are thought to have cancer fighting properties, and have been used as medicinal food for liver disorders.


They contain 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked turnips contains 4g of carbs. Turnips are especially high in cancer-fighting glucosinolates. Turnip greens are rich in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and manganese. They are also a good source of vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which have anti-inflammatory properties.


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup of shredded romaine lettuce contains 1.5g of carbs. Romaine lettuce is an excellent source of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which work together to prevent the oxidization of cholesterol. It is also rich in potassium, which has been shown to lower blood pressure. This makes romaine a heart-healthy vegetable.


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked asparagus contains 3.5g of carbs. Asparagus is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, zinc, manganese, and selenium. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease and regulate blood sugar because it is rich in fiber and B vitamins, which play a key role in the metabolism of sugar and starches.


It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced green peppers contains 2g of carbs. Green peppers are a great source of vitamins C and A, and vitamin K, which is essential for bone health. The folic acid found in green peppers can reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that damages blood vessels and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

#12: OKRA

It contains 2g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked sliced okra contains 3.5g of carbs. Okra contains glutathione, which is necessary for immune system support. It is also high in protein and fiber — one cup provides 4 grams of fiber.


It contains 3g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup of cooked cauliflower contains 5g of carbs. Cauliflower is a potent cancer fighter. It provides special nutrient support to the body's detox, antioxidant, and inflammatory systems — all of which are connected to cancer development. With 6 grams of fiber (and only 50 calories) in 2 cups of raw cauliflower, it also comes with all the benefits of fiber foods.


It contains 3g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced yellow pepper contains 3g of carbs. Yellow peppers are a good source of vitamins C and A, two powerful antioxidants, and vitamin K. It is rich in folic acid, which helps lower levels of homocysteine in the body.


It contains 3g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup cooked shredded cabbage contains 8.5g of carbs. Cabbage is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and glucosinolates, compounds thought to have anti-cancer activity. Red and purple cabbage contain anthocyanins — antioxidants known as powerful weapons against cardiovascular disease.


It contains 3g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced red pepper contains 3g of carbs. Red bell peppers are a good source of vitamins C and A, two powerful antioxidants, as well as vitamin K, which is necessary for bone health. They are also rich in B6 and folic acid, which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


It contains 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One cup of cooked chopped broccoli contains 11g of carbs. Broccoli is a great source of a family of anti-cancer phytochemicals known as isotheocyanates, which work by neutralizing carcinogens. It is unusually high in vitamins K and A. The anti-inflammatory properties found in broccoli help to reduce cardiovascular risks. Broccoli is also good for digestive health due to its fiber content.


It contains 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked spinach contains 3.5g of carbs. Spinach is one of the best sources of vitamin K, which helps build strong bones. It contains more than a dozen flavonoid compounds that function as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents. It is a good source of antioxidants that reduce problems related to oxidative stress, such as high blood pressure. Spinach also contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect against eye disease.

#19: BEETS

They contain 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of sliced canned beets contain 12.5g of carbs. Beets get their color from betacyanin, which may help prevent cancer. They are a good source of betanine and folate, which reduce homocysteine levels. Homocysteine can damage blood vessels and contribute to heart disease, stroke, dementia, and peripheral vascular disease.


They contain 4g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked green beans contains 5g of carbs. Green beans are a good source of folate, a B vitamin that lowers homocysteine levels. It is rich in manganese, a trace mineral essential for growth, reproduction, wound healing, peak brain function, and proper metabolism of sugars, insulin, and cholesterol.


They contain 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of carrots contains 6g of carbs. Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds and the richest vegetable source of pro-vitamin A carotenes. These help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, and promote good vision. Carrots are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants that may be beneficial to blood sugar regulation and are inversely associated with insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

#22: KALE

It contains 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup chopped cooked kale contains 4g of carbs. Kale is rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer nutrients. It contains powerful phytochemicals, such as indoles, which have been found to protect against some forms of cancer. Kale is also loaded with calcium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and K, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, which may help prevent macular degeneration.


They contain 5g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of whole raw sugar snap peas contains 1g of carbs. Snap peas are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, and anti-inflammatory nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids. This combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds may reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, including diabetes.


They contain 7g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One-half cup of cooked onion contains 11g of carbs. Onions provide many anti-inflammatory benefits and may be protective against some forms of cancer. They are rich in sulfur compounds, which are responsible for many of their health benefits. These compounds can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which makes onions heart-healthy vegetables.

25: CORN

It contains 10g of carbs in a 50-gram portion. One medium ear of corn contains 26g of carbs. (Okay, that's not really low carb at all, but that's why it's number-25!) Corn is a good source of folate, which helps to lower levels of homocysteine. It is also rich in beta-cryptoxanthin, which may lower the risk of developing lung cancer. In addition, corn contains the B vitamin pantothenic acid, which is necessary for carb, protein, and lipid metabolism.

The nutrition information Here is adapted from The George Mateljan Foundation's "World's Healthiest Foods" website (

So Why 25? When I raised Meat for proccessing, Corn is the one food I used to add FAT to them for the last 30 days. So eating corn, although great and I love it, I have chosen to not eat at this time because it can put weight on. I am not telling anyone not to eat it, my friend John would be after me (He raises corn) lol. But it is what works for me.

So I am looking for some summer type (outdoor) recipes that are healthy. anyone who has one would love to here from you. May you all have a great and blessed week.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doctor Visit and Clinic Check In

I had my doctor appointment about my liver yesterday. I have to have some blood work done but things look ok. will take a vitamin E twice a day. There is some scaring but nothing that can't be repaired as I continue to lose weight and get healthier.

clinic visit was a weigh in and measurements. I was at 396 and I have lost 20.25 inches since Jan 2012. So things are going well and I am starting to get over the stomach bug I had the last few days. Hope you all got a chance to see the video but if not I put it on a video bar feed below. first one.

I put up some new pictures today, they are below.

Have a great day and week.



                 01-26-12           01-18-12      Difference
Ankle          12.5                      12               -0.5

Calf             19.5                      19               -0.5

Mid-thigh   24.5                      21.5            -3.0

Leg pone     25.5                      24.5            -1.0

Hip              63.5                       61              -2.5

Abdominal 59.5                       57.5           -2.0

Waist           56                         52              -4.0

Chest           57.5                      53              -4.5

Forearm     13.75                     13              -.75

Upper arm 15.5                       14              -1.5

Neck            19.5                      19              -0.5

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As Promised 2008 Biggest Loser Entery Video

Obviously we were not chosen but this is a visual of me at 571 pound. Todai I am at 395 pounds and going strong. New pics also. will post tomorrow. Enjoy the video. A freind came over the mountain to shot and edit this. Thought he did a great job.

Dedicated to Joel Hildebrand Who Went home to rest. Great Father, Husband, Brother, Son, and Friend. Rest in piece Joel. Wish you could see me today!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Checking In

Well here it is April and almost half way through it. I am back up and running I cam across a DVD that was made for my "Biggest Loser" entry back in 2008. Wow! I am trying to figure out how to put it up here. I will figure it our somehow. It is of me at 571 pounds and a co-worker who applied with me. As you may figured it out we did not get selected but I thought it would be a fun thing to show it here. many people never saw this and it would be fun. So give me a few days to figure it out and I will get it done.

Things otherwise are going well. It has been good weather until the last couple of days. Winter is not giving up as easy as I had hoped this year. But I did get the lawnmower ready and mowed my yard and a neighbors yard. I have had trouble with my back ever since. You know how you get to feeling like you can do anything and then your body says, I don't think so. That is where I am at right now. But slow and steady wins the race right. :)

I have been on a plateau for a couple of weeks. but I know to this will pass and I will start that downward trek again. I am very happy to be below 400. I figured it has been close to 15 plus years since that has been. So keep on keep-in on as they say. no matter what your journey may be I am there for you every step of the way. Believe in yourself and in God. You can do it. :)

Until we meet again


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carbs, What is What? SAY WHAT?

So today I am going to write about carbohydrates, yes that is right; the "dreaded carbs" good, bad, and indifferent. Also I want to let you know that I am changing internet providers so I may be down for a short while. So be patient, I will be back! A little history here, General MacArthur is credited for saying this when he was forced to leave the Philippines during WW II. But Most people today know that Arnold Schwarzenegger said it in Terminator and do not know who General MacArthur is. Does that say anything about our society today?

OK know down to bushiness. Today I had but another review by my caseworker to see if I still needed Ins through the county. His judgment was yes so I will have Medicaid until November. So that is good. But I say that for this, He was amazed at how much weight I had lost in the last 15 months, 175 pounds. So like everyone else they ask, "How did you do it?" Well if you have been reading this you know I had Bariatric Surgery on Feb 2, 2012. Since that day I have lost 36 pounds. But the rest (139) I did by changing what and how I ate. Is this a sure fire plan you can follow and have the same results. I would hope so but you are not gullible people. So know that every ones body is different. So you may lose slower and less or faster and more but I am sure you will lose. Cutting Bad carbs is a piece of that puzzle. So here are some tips. Think White. Your white foods are usually higher in carbs. Let's start with potatoes. 1 cup of mashed potatoes with a tab of butter is 35 carbs. But i love potatoes and could not cut them out. I would ask which is more important, the potatoes or your health. If you say potatoes you can stop reading know because you are not ready to lose weight. I know you have heard about baked potato "diets:. The more a potato is broken down, cooked the less nutritional it is and the more carbs there are, a white food that can be used is Cauliflower. One cup of cauliflower is 6 G carb. 35 vs 6. See where this is going. So here is a list of "bad" vs "good".

Chowder (clam or corn   (depending on amount of potato and corn used) average around 50 g cabs per cup - BAD

Chicken w/wild or brown rice soup  (not noodle) 1 cup around 5 grams - Good

White Bread (and "whole wheat Breads" are about the same.

"Whole Grains Bread is better and cutting bread out completely is the best. I know, I use to eat with a fork in one hand and bread in the other but I quit cold turkey so it can be done. You are starting to lose weight at this point.

White Rice (also known as sticky rice) Bad

Brown rice or wild rice better

No Rice Best

Succotash, made famous by Sylvester the cat, with all the kitchen sink thrown in is around 47 g of carbs. Lima beans one of the ingreadeant is is 18 g of carbs vs the same size serving of edamame (green soy bean) is 6 g of carbs.

Here is one last tip for today: Burgers, instead of using a bun roast some portobella mushroom and use as a bun. 

Cut out all soda pop. Regular or diet. drink crystal light or equivalent. or plain ole
Adams Ale (Water).

Remember you are not going to eat what you do nopt like so ook for alteratives. find low carb items that work for you. Go by this rule, in most cases green is good. Next time we talk good vs bad carbs in reference to fruit.

Words of Wisdom:
A journey starts with just one step. What will yours be?

Continued success and Gods blessings upon you and your house.


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Monday, April 2, 2012

Things are changing here

Hi all. As you can tell I have not been here for a week or so. I have been working on getting a website set up and getting some sponsors for this blog and my we site called. Second Chances. I thought I was some what technically educated but not really I have found out. so be patient with me. Things will be better all the way around and much more helpful to. Hope you all are doing well. 

Just a quick update. The walk a thon was a great success. The walk earned $10 thousand. I walked the entire three miles. I was also interviewed on the local new channel. I am trying to get a copy to download here. I am under 400 pounds now. As a recap I started on this life changing decision on January 2011. To date I have lost 175 pounds. 31 pounds 35 pounds since the surgery on Feb 2 2012. So things are on track and going well. Great news announcement Is that I am now off my diabetes med, sleep aid med, and High cholesterol med. 

So if you ask me is it worth it. I would say with resounding confidence, YES!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Change Your Life, Get Healthy- Version 10.1

Change Your Story

Change Your Story We hear it all the time: “change your story, change your life.” Sounds so simple, but it can be an overwhelmingly tall order if you're stuck in a rut. What if instead we were to focus on the minor narratives—the small-but-significant stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long that we don’t even think of them as stories, but as second nature? Stories that we picked up somewhere along the way and ran with: I'm not athletic enough to work out or I'm not creative enough for a project like that.

Because here's the thing: once you start to change the little stories, suddenly the big picture begins to shift too. Here are
three ways to start from scratch and rewrite your whole story.
  • Get on the cushion. Nothing shifts the focus like meditation. Oh, but you’re not a meditating kind of person... or is that just your story? If you’re not ready to change it just yet, simply take a minute to breathe.
  • Write it down. Get a journal, start a blog, send a letter to someone you love—one of the best ways to make a positive change is to literally write down your goals—spell it out, and mean it. 
  • Take a risk. If you've always labeled yourself the shy one, step out of your box: take a class, talk to a stranger or ask a coworker to coffee. Aim to surprise yourself.
Why We're Hooked
Sukey says: "One of the benefits of meditation is that it forces me to slow down. Sometimes I'm running so fast trying to keep up with my kids that I miss many opportunities to feel and learn. But this past weekend I stopped in my tracks and felt a shift in perspective. It was 8am on a Saturday in a community center gym in New Jersey. I was holding my son's smelly sneakers when he shot me a smile as he finished tying his wrestling shoes. My husband was a wrestler, and I've got all these stories about wrestling in my head: 'Why do men feel this primal need to fight? This isn’t very yogic. I don’t like seeing people in pain.' But, suddenly, in that gym, I could see (even if he couldn't) what my son was learning: humility, strength and discipline. It's these meditative moments that can unlock habitual mind patterns that help us all broaden our perspective and rewrite that old story."
Tap The Well
Infuse your thought patterns with positivity with the Gratitude Stream app. Record your positive thoughts and watch a stream of others from all over the world in real time.

(Lifescript Artical)

So tomorrow is the big day. Walk From Obesity Walk-A-Thon 2012. I will be reporting back on Sunday with the results. I want to thank all of you who sponsored me in this walk. You still can help by going to 

So lets make a decision to change our lives and do it know. Tomorrow may never get here. 

May The Lord continue to bless you and your families always. 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

ADHD in Adults

This is a lengthy artical so I am not going to say much. Things are going well and the Walk A Thon is only two days away. have a great day.

Married to an ADHD Adult?

5 Ways to Improve Listening Skills and Reconnect with Each Other

By Elena Donovan Mauer, Special to Lifescript

When your spouse has adult ADHD, it’s easy to misinterpret inattentiveness, disorganization and distractibility as laziness or selfishness. But with empathy and teamwork, you can help your partner improve listening skills and strengthen your marriage. Here are 5 tips to try from psychiatrists, ADHD adults and more relationship experts. Plus, how much do you know about this disorder? Take our quiz to find out…

Melissa Orlov, 51, of Wayland, Mass., and her husband, George, were separated and headed for divorce in 2006. Then they realized his adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which had been diagnosed just two years prior, was at the crux of their problems.

“We had poor communication and there was a lot of anger on my part,” Orlov says. “I was sort of the parent figure and he was my child. He was distracted, and I interpreted that as he didn’t love me.”

Only after George became acquainted with someone who had ADHD – and saw how difficult it was to communicate with that person – did he realize how much his wife had been struggling in the marriage.

They decided to stay together and work on both George’s ADHD and Melissa’s response to it.

Today, their marriage is a happy, loving one, and they recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, says Orlov, who blogs at and wrote the book The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps (Specialty Press).

“Although I was miserable, my husband and I had a completely normal relationship when one has ADHD and the other doesn’t – and they’re not dealing with the ADHD,” Orlov says.

Typical symptoms of ADHD – distractibility, impulsiveness, disorganization – also impact other family members, especially if they live under the same roof.

Here are 5 common symptoms of being married to an ADHD adult and how to solve them.

ADHD Adult Symptom #1: You Can’t CommunicateNot only can it be tough for an ADHD adult to follow a conversation, it can be difficult for you to follow your spouse’s train of thought.

“[My wife and I] will be having a conversation, when suddenly her next sentence will come from a previous conversation we may have had several days or even weeks ago – as if it were still part of the present conversation,” says Kris Girrell of Boston. (Girrell’s wife, who asked to remain anonymous, has ADHD.)

“The ADHD adult brain sorts information differently,” Orlov explains. “Your partner experiences the world differently.”

For example, it may seem as if your spouse isn’t listening to you, but he’s really just lost track of what you’ve said. Maybe he doesn’t know how to tell you he can’t keep up with the conversation or doesn’t know how to describe the way his brain jumps between topics.

Solution: Be empathetic and clear. This can help your partner improve listening skills, says psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, M.D. He co-authored Married to Distraction: Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Interruption (Ballantine Books) with his wife, Sue George Hallowell, and Orlov.

“Make sure you have his attention before you start talking,” he says. This may be as simple as having him look you in the eye.

“Be brief and to the point. Don’t go off on long monologues,” he adds.

Create an open dialogue. Let your partner know you won’t judge him if he can’t follow and encourage him to speak up. If you have to repeat yourself often, know inattention is simply one of the symptoms of ADHD, and try not to get angry or frustrated, says Orlov.

Girrell and his wife developed some effective communication strategies to improve listening skills between them. When Girrell’s wife jumps rapidly into a new conversation that doesn’t make sense to him, he simply says, “Context?”

ADHD Adult Symptom #2: He Won’t Get TreatmentHe denies having ADHD or resists treatment because that could mean making big lifestyle changes. Plus, there’s a negative stigma sometimes associated with ADHD.

“People who are undiagnosed, and struggled with ADHD all their lives without knowing it, have absorbed so much negative criticism over the years – from parents, spouses, teachers, bosses, etc. – that their self-image may be in ruins,” says Donald Haupt, M.D., a Philadelphia psychiatrist in private practice and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Adult ADHD (Alpha).

“They may have absorbed the idea that their failures are due only to lack of effort or innate stupidity and anything else is just excuses,” he adds.

Solution: Encourage, don’t order.“Don’t tell him he has to see someone,” Haupt says.

“Instead, ask questions before you make suggestions, because it makes him involved in the decision,” Haupt advises. “Get a third party – like a friend or family doctor – to weigh in, or hand him a book on the subject so he can learn himself.”

And you should participate in the ADHD treatment process. Besides couple’s therapy, your spouse’s ADHD treatment could also include drugs, solo therapy or both, says Haupt.

“It’s important to know the ADHD adult’s behavior isn’t willful nastiness,” Hallowell says.

“That’s why seeing someone together can really make a difference,” he adds.

ADHD Adult Symptom #3: You Feel Neglected“If you had asked my husband, [he thought] our marriage was great,” says Orlov of her relationship before the diagnosis. “But I felt dejected and lonely.”

Because an ADHD adult is so easily distracted, it’s common for him to spend a lot of time doing other highly stimulating things instead of focusing on his partner, Haupt says.

Solution: Schedule couple time. Create a routine that will prompt your spouse – and you – to carve out time for your relationship.

“Someone with ADHD will have a much easier time if they have structure,” Haupt says.

Try using a color-coded calendar.

If your spouse keeps his work schedule on a smartphone, ask him to start setting dates with you on his phone, too. Use that time to enjoy a meal or do another activity together, even if it’s just sitting and reading in the same room, Orlov says.

“Scheduling time with your spouse could help you get around the specific ADHD symptom of distraction, which typically interferes by making it difficult for the couple to find time together,” Orlov says.

“When one is free, the other is distracted. When the distracted partner is finally free, the non-ADHD partner is off doing something else,” she says.

Couple time will gradually become routine, and it might get easier for your spouse to remember to show up for it – without having to schedule it.

ADHD Adult Symptom #4: Your Home Is Disorganized“I’ve come home to find ‘crop circles’ of bills and documents on the floor,” Girrell says. “I used to like to keep a somewhat straightened house, but I’ve had to give that up.”

It’s common for an ADHD adult to stop a task before finishing or to “keep things lying around,” rather than putting them away. That can create a maddening mess for others.

Solution: Find a happy medium.As with most relationship differences, you’ll have to compromise on this one.

“Resist the temptation to swoop in and clean up their disorganization,” Haupt says.

Instead, decide which piles should be organized and which can stay messy.

“ADHD shouldn’t be used as an excuse to remain disorganized,” Orlov says. “But that doesn’t mean you’re going to turn your spouse into an organized person.

“As long as you can get to a place where the disorganization isn’t interfering with the marriage, be OK with it.”

Also consider hiring a professional housekeeper, organizer, bill payer or accountant to handle tasks your partner doesn’t excel at – so you’ll feel less pressure. Outsourcing to a third party can prevent it from becoming a sore point.

ADHD Adult Symptom #5: Your Partner Seems LazyAn ADHD adult may have trouble getting up in the morning, getting along with coworkers, finishing projects or doing paperwork, Haupt says.

“My husband couldn’t get up in the morning until his medication kicked in,” says Tawnee Madlen, of San Diego, whose husband has ADHD.

“At bedtime, he wouldn’t remember to prepare his medicine for the next morning, so when it was time to get up, he couldn’t,” she says. “Then he’d sleep until noon.”

Those things can interfere with success at work – and make you, the partner, feel like a parent, taking responsibility for writing bills, earning money, even making sure he takes his medication.

Solution: Create an action plan.Remind yourself that not being able to complete simple tasks is one of the symptoms of ADHD. It doesn’t mean your partner wants to shirk responsibility. While ADHD treatment with medication can help, it’s not a complete solution. You’ll need to help your spouse learn systems that help him function more effectively and efficiently.

“We [made mornings easier by] getting into a routine together,” Madlen says. “Every night, we make sure the pills are ready with a drink on the nightstand for the morning.”

Next, take a close look at your spouse’s abilities.

“I cut my husband some slack because he helps out in areas where he can focus better, like taking care of the cars and doing dishes,” Madlen says.

If he’s having trouble at work, resist the urge to nag or serve up tough love.

“Ask him questions,” Haupt says. “If he’s not getting along with his boss, say, ‘Tell me how the boss is acting.’ Then ask, ‘Do you have any ideas about how to improve it?’”

Encourage your spouse to improve his strengths – and his weaknesses won’t matter so much. He might even consider switching careers to something more suited to his skills.

For more expert advice and information, visit our Adult ADHD Health Center.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day Of Spring

So we have entered the spring season of 2012. What will you do this Spring? Plant a garden? Get more fresh air exercise? What ever it is do what makes you happy. Do not let this spring go by without doing something for yourself.

Not only is today the first day of spring it is also the official Ravioli Day. What will they come up with next? But in order to celebrate here is a recipe:

Quick Tomato Sauce Quick Sauce
Great ravioli needs great sauce. One of our favorite quick Tomato Sauce recipes is perfect for everything from Chicken and Mozzarella Ravioli to Spinach and Cheese Ravioli. Enjoy!

1 can (28 oz) whole peeled tomatoes in puree, remove tomatoes and chop or 2 lb vine-ripened tomatoes peeled, seeded and chopped.
2 tablespoon olive oil
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 yellow onion, finely chopped
2 bay leaves
1 tablespoon fresh basil leaves, finely chopped or 1 teaspoon dried basil
Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large saucepan over medium high heat.   

Add garlic to pan and cook for 30 seconds, add in onion and cook for 2 minutes, until soft.

Add in chopped tomatoes with the puree, bay leaves, basil, and salt and pepper.

Heat to a simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve with your favorite Pasta Prima ravioli.

So with that done I have a question? Is there such a thing as a legitimate online Job? I am seriously doubting it at this point unless I put and ad for people to send me $35.95 and I will send you a 35 cent CD with a lot of nothing. That is the "online" business. So I have that out of my system do any of you know of a real opportunity? I do not need to make a thousand a day. $25 would make me happy. 

So any way hang in there and I will get some real helpful chatter up soon.