Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day by Day Inch by Inch / Metabolism and Weight

Metabolism and weight loss: How you burn calories
Find out how metabolism affects weight, the truth behind slow metabolism, and how to burn more calories.
You've probably heard people blame their weight on a slow metabolism, but what does that mean? And is metabolism really the culprit? Is it possible to rev up your metabolism to burn more calories?
While it's true that metabolism is linked to weight, it may not be in the way you expect. In fact, contrary to common belief, a slow metabolism is rarely the cause of excess weight gain. Although your metabolism influences your body's basic energy needs, it's your food and beverage intake and your physical activity that ultimately determine how much you weigh.
Metabolism: Converting food into energy
Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. During this complex biochemical process, calories in food and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function. Even when you're at rest, your body needs energy for all its "hidden" functions, such as breathing, circulating blood, adjusting hormone levels, and growing and repairing cells.
The number of calories your body uses to carry out these basic functions is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) — what you might call metabolism. Several factors determine your individual basal metabolic rate:
·                                 Your body size and composition. The bodies of people who are larger or have more muscle burn up more calories, even at rest.
·                                 Your sex. Men usually have less body fat and more muscle than do women of the same age and weight, burning more calories.
·                                 Your age. As you get older, the amount of muscle tends to decrease and fat accounts for more of your weight, slowing down calorie burning.
Energy needs for your body's basic functions stay fairly consistent and aren't easily changed. Your basal metabolic rate accounts for about 60 to 75 percent of the calories you burn every day.
In addition to your basal metabolic rate, two other factors determine how many calories your body burns each day:
·                                 Food processing (thermogenesis). Digesting, absorbing, transporting and storing the food you consume also takes calories. This accounts for about 10 percent of the calories used each day. For the most part, your body's energy requirement to process food stays relatively steady and isn't easily changed.
·                                 Physical activity. Physical activity and exercise — such as playing tennis, walking to the store, chasing after the dog and any other movement — account for the rest of the calories your body burns up each day.

So have you had one of those days electronically nothing works right. I have trouble with this site today along with a couple of others. So any way today has been good. Went to card club, our church has a group of people who get together and make birthday cards for all the members who have birthdays. Like today we made for everyone with a birthday in July. So after that we went out to eat and I had a Vegetable Fajita. I did not eat the tortilla [bread]; but had the vegetables w/ a small amount of guacamole and sour cream. Very filling and satisfying. I have noticed that since I cut all the junk out of my eating, every thing has a good flavor. It is remarkable how good peppers, onions, tomato can taste.

Stress Reducers:
Completing a Task
Making a Decision and Sticking to It

Today has been a nice day here in Colorado [Western Slope] We had some cloud cover, A little rain, and now sun shine. They say here if you do not like the weather wait five (5) minutes and it will change. lol I will try to grab some Photos and post them off and on.

A little about me:
I have had a weight issue for as long as I can remember. I have seen a picture from many, many years ago when I was not but do not remember it. I have used my weight as a shield. I can't do that or I don't feel up to it or any other excuse I could come up with. I also used it to keep people at a distance. I am not a touchy feely type person. Never have been. Kind of makes it hard on your wife when you don't want to be touched. The weight acts like a big barrier that keeps things out and hold things in. I can not say I am this way because of my life. I never was abused, I had nice things growing up, I had a roof over my head, Food, you name it. I just chose food as my obsession. It is easy to do. Food does not talk back, most of the time; it makes you feel happy for a short time, it does not leave you or, if cooked right; disappoint you. But that in it self is the problem. Food is not a person. You should not have a relationship with food like it is your friend. It is a means to supply your body with energy. Well I got off track there but apparently I or maybe someone else needed to hear that. So me, I remember in school always being the last around the track gasping for air, walking up stairs with difficulty but no one ever said you know this might help if? I am not blaming anyone but myself for this mess but there is more to learning and teaching than ABC's. Lets get off the soap box. So at 17 I moved to Missouri. Went to work in a body shop. From there back to Colorado, Then Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado. Maybe I should have just stayed in Colorado hey! Life has been a crazy ride but I have learned and seen a lot that if I would have stayed in one place I would have never experienced. That would have been good in some case but hey, you take the bad with the good and move on. As long as you learn from your mistakes there were for not. So here I am now, doing well and getting ready to move into another leg of the journey and I hope you hang around and make that journey with me. It could be enlightening, educational, but most definitely fall in the aisle hilarious.

May the Lord continue to bless and Keep you all safe!


Thank you Betty. The spell check does work that way.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Check In at the Doc's / Being Kind To Yourself

Well today was my check in day with PA Mueller. Things are going very well. I have lost 23 pounds in the last three (3) weeks. Yeah! I have a lot of appointment next week, 3 on Tuesday alone. It is worth it because it brings me closer to surgery. So that is 76 more pounds to go to hit my target for surgery. I just want to take this moment to thank all the medical staff, friends, and family for supporting me in this journey.

Stress Reducers:
Watching the sun rise/set

Now I know that I have a phobia about swimming. Even in a swimming pool, Thank You Jaws, Jaws II, Jaws III, and Jaws IV. I get this erriee feeling something is behind me in the water. Crazy I know but I still think there is nothing better than a swim in a warm climate.

So lets talk today about negative vs. positive reinforcements. I had a therapist tell me once that I should think of it as a [tape] CD player. You have negative CD's and positive CD's. When you catch yourself in that negative space stop the player, eject the negative CD and put in the positive CD. Now this may sound a little silly but what it does is make you take account and stop what you are doing and start thinking positive. It really does work. As time progresses you will just make that switch without a problem. Stay out of the ruts. I know ruts are comfortable, they feel safe but you get run over a lot in those ruts. Make yourself do the things you like to do. No, that is not setting on the couch, watching reruns of Barnaby Jones and eating potato chips or laying in bed with the curtains drawn. You know you don't like that. Be honest with yourself, which is the hardest person to be honest with; it is comfortable maybe because no one can make fun of you or be rude to you or give you degrading looks but hey, so what. Get out there and move. Most people you will find will support and encourage you. I know I hated the thought of going to the gym. At first I got a few side glances but the more I went and people saw me trying, they became supportive. Even cheering me on. So do not let your fear keep you down. Put on that positive CD and get out there and live this crazy life.

Words of Wisdom:
People who live a life of tenacity and challenge break through all the obstacles they face just as water eventually carves a path through rock. Be strong like constantly flowing water, ever moving forward.

Favorite Songs:
“Indescribable”  [Chris Tomlin]
“Bring on the Rain”  [MercyMe]
“O Praise Him” [David Crowder Band]

Favorite Shows:
“Born Free”
Any John Wayne
“The King and I” W/Yul Brenner

Favorite Activity:
Arrowhead Hunting [Can’t wait till I can do these again]

Favorite Jobs:
Gateway Youth [Hands Down First]
Working in the ER and Ambulance
Office Administration

Work for the future:
I don’t really now for sure except I would like to get back to the Medical field. Nursing, PA, Therapist? I have some time but I know one thing, I will not stay disabled. They told me it was a permanent disability. But I have not always listen to what people told me so why start now. I also want to go to India on a mission trip. My Pastors uncle goes every year, I believe; so my dream is to get well enough to make at least one trip with them. Well that is enough for today. Take care of yourselves and always be kind to yourself.

May The Lord Bless You All In
A Way
That Shows His Glory!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Pain no Gain? Not Necessarily

Up and at it this morning. Pain a little worse today in back. probably the trip to GJ and the walking. Took a little self prompting but got out and did my walk this morning. I saw a video last night on walking. According to some national statistics to maintain optimal benefit you should walk 10,000 steps a day. This is total including all activity. This is not speed walking. It is walking period. The average person, according to this video; get between 3 and 5 thousand steps in a normal day. If you work on your feet, like a factory worker; you probably get more than that. !0,000 steps are equivalent to 5 miles. Now this may seem like allot but yesterday I walked around 1200 and while this is a far cry from 10,000 for me it was a very good day. Also you do not start at 10,000. You work up to that. Some suggestions were, talking on the phone-Do not set. Walk around while you talk. A cordless maybe a little less "bound Up" LOL. , Doing dishes- walk in place. Take mail to or pick up from box- while out of house walk around the block before going back in. Housework is a ton of walking. Some places are taking away the chairs, raising the desks to standing heights and even putting treadmills or elliptical machines in the cubical or office. The point is MOVEMENT IS GOOD! You do not have to be a marathon runner or even a speed walker. Just MOVE!

A little sore, especially if you are not use to it is ok. If you start having severe pain in joints, back, or chest check it out with your doctor. [ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING A NEW EXERCISE REGIME] especially if you have preexisting problems. If you have a history of heart problems and not use to exercise, go out and run a mile, drop dead you really have not help yourself or loved ones. [That my be exaggerated but you get the point] In most cases you are not an athlete in great shape so start slow and work up. You will be surprised, like me. I started walking to the mail box once a day, second month twice a day; now in third month I am walking 800 to 1000 steps a day. For someone my size with a back injury that is not bad and it will get better.

Stress Reducers:
Talking with a friend
Looking at old family photos
Reading the bible

A little more about me:
I received a post on face book the other day from an old schoolmate of mine. It brought back fond memories of that time. I remember Mr. Dale who shared his lunch with me almost every day. I doubt his mom knew that. lol Hey at least I help keep you thin. I remember it became one of my favorite but no healthy lunches. It was velvetta cheese on white bread with miracle whip. Now doesn't that scream health food? lol There was Mr. Kevin, nickname Freight train. He was not overweight he was just a tall guy that was not skinny. He had a heart of gold, where ever he is I hope he still does. Mr. Ted who was a little strange. He was into Pro Wrestling and enjoyed putting all the new moves on people. Some of those really hurt. There was of course Mr. Tony. I remember his house and his bedroom pointed towards the Drive In, this was before the vocals being transmitted over radio waves so you could watch but not hear. My freshman year was the year the school buried a 100 year time capsule, that would be around 2075 or so. I think the football team finally beat its rival Montrose Indians or maybe that was just a wish. I remember alot of men and women that they have become. I pray the watches over them all and help guide them to him. There were the bullies to but they are a distant memory that are forgiven for the pain they caused me both physical and mental. I could not close this part out without mentioning my favorite teachers throughout the years: Mrs. Austin 5th or 6th grade and her famous yellow papers. Mrs. Wallace Strict but fair and a wonderful educator. Mrs. Smith my first crush 4th grade. Coaches have to be Mr. Clay and Mr. Wise Tough but self esteemed builders. Mr. Hutchinson, Student teacher working on his education cert. Art. With out a dought Mr. Dogherty Spelling may be off, art. Way up on the top floor, more like puffery, of old high school. Mr. Conner Algebra, who could pull that answer out of you when you did not even know you had it. Mr. Lucy just because of his crazy uncle stories. Mrs. Montgomery Freshman English who brought books to life. Mr. Rodgers & Mr. Winters Science came alive. In college it had to be Dr Lovejoy, again another self esteem builder. [I still owe him a paper from 1381, think he forgot; probably not. lol There were of course others like Mr. Gunter Mahner who taught a handful of kids to rebuild a VW engine and his vesper evenings and veg pizza. Mr. Clark who took a personal interest in me and became a big brother influence loved the workouts at the health spa. There were a few Drill Srgts who only strengthened my resolve by telling me I would never make it. So to you all, it was not always fun but it was educational and part of who I am today so Thank You. More Later

May the Lord Keep you safe as you go through today


Monday, June 27, 2011

One Down, Many to Go! / part 2 of MAYO Clinic Artical

I had my first official Bariatric appointment this morning. Have a lot of test to do in the upcomming months. The only one I am not crazy about is a EGD. Where they put a camera down in your stomach for a look around. Because of my size I am a super high risk, simmular to open heart surgery. I am also super high risk to die if I do nothing. I have 4 out of the 5 markers for early death. So I am pushing forward with This. I am sure I can complete all of my goals including getting down to 450.

I have ordered the book "The Expert Guide to Weight Loss Surgery". This is another requirment for the surgery. It is an informative book that covers before, during, and after the surgery and what can be expected.

Well wouldn't you know it. The one I dread is the first one. Next Tuesday at 8 am. Then if I get regisered I will have my first weight management class that night.

Well things are going well. completed my EMMI videos tonight, required for surgery. Very informative and helpful. The folks at the Bariatric clinic are very helpful and nice.  So every one keep praying all continues to proceed forward.

Stress reducers:
Deep Breathing

Remember only one person can make this work completly and that is me, guided by God's hand doesn't hurt.

May the Lord continue to Bless you all


Part ll

6. Have you embraced the weight-loss challenge?
If you don't have a positive attitude about losing weight, you may not be ready. If you dread what lies ahead, you may be more likely to find excuses to veer off course. Try to embrace the vision of your new lifestyle and remain positive. Focus on how good you'll feel when you're more active or when you weigh less. Picture yourself celebrating every little success along the way, whether it's opting for a low-fat cottage cheese snack instead of chips or going for a walk.

You're ready for weight loss: Now what?
If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, you're probably ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary to work toward permanent weight loss. You may be able to forge ahead on your own, creating your own lifestyle program for healthy eating and exercising. Or you may feel you need help.

Educating yourself about the process of successful weight loss and maintenance is a start. For example, learn more about the dietary changes necessary for losing weight. See a dietitian or enroll in a behavior-based weight program that can help you change the habits that can interfere with weight loss, such as eating when you're stressed or bored. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you may benefit from medically supervised weight loss with a team of health professionals that may include a dietitian, a therapist or an obesity specialist.

What if you're not ready?
If you answered no to more than one of these questions, you may not be ready to embark on a weight-loss program right now. And that's OK. Explore what's holding you back and face those obstacles. In some cases it may simply be a matter of timing. For instance, you may need to resolve other stressors in your life first. In other cases, you may need to work on related issues, such as your feelings toward weight loss or your willingness to commit to permanent lifestyle changes.

Consider seeking help from your doctor or another professional, such as a certified wellness coach, to help you work through these issues. Try to address the obstacles as soon as possible and then re-evaluate your readiness for weight loss so that you can quickly get started on a healthier lifestyle. Don't let the chaos of life become a permanent excuse, however. There will never be an absolutely perfect time.

Still unsure?
You may have found that you couldn't answer all of the questions with a simple yes or no. If you feel generally positive about most of your answers and you're upbeat about a weight-loss program, consider starting now. You may never have definitive answers in life. Don't let that rob you of a chance to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weight Loss?

Good day to you all. I have another artical from the Mayo Clinic and I have put their link here if you want to check the site yourself. This is a little long but interesting if you are considering a food lifestyle change.

Weight loss: Assess your readiness to change
Before you plunge into a weight-loss program, see if you're truly ready. And see what steps to take if you aren't ready yet.

By Mayo Clinic staff
Your weight-loss success depends in large part on your readiness to take on the challenge. If you jump in before you're ready, your weight-loss plan may buckle under the first challenge. Use these questions to assess your weight-loss readiness.

1. Are you motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes?
Successful weight loss depends on permanent lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy foods and exercising more. That could represent a significant departure from your current lifestyle. Be honest. Knowing that you need to make changes in your life and actually doing it are two different things. You may have to overhaul your diet so that you're eating more whole grains, fruits,
vegetables and low-fat dairy products, for example. You'll also need to find time to exercise for at least 30 minutes nearly every day of the week. Exercise is especially important to prevent regaining your lost weight.
Your motivation for undertaking these changes may be better health, improved appearance or just feeling better about yourself in general. As long as your motivation is a healthy one, it doesn't really matter what it is. Find your motivation and focus on it.

2. Have you addressed the big distractions in your life?
If you're dealing with major life events, such as marital problems, job stress, illness or financial worries, you may not want to add the challenge of overhauling your eating and exercise habits. Instead, consider giving your life a chance to calm down before you launch your weight-loss program.

3. Do you have a realistic picture of how much weight you'll lose and how quickly?
Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong process. Over the long term, it's best to aim for losing 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) a week. To lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day. You can do that through a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity or exercise.
Initially you might lose weight more quickly than that if you make significant changes — just be sure the changes are health supporting. Don't get discouraged if your rate of weight loss slows a bit after bigger initial losses.

4. Have you resolved any emotional issues connected to your weight?
Emotions and food are often intertwined. Anger, stress, grief and boredom can trigger emotional eating. And if you have a history of an eating disorder, weight loss can be even trickier. Start by identifying your emotional issues related to food so that you're prepared for the challenges. Talk to your doctor about what weight-loss options are best for you.

 5. Do you have support and accountability?
Any weight-loss program can be difficult. You may face moments of temptation or become disheartened. Having someone in your corner to offer encouragement can help. If you don't have friends or family you can rely on for positive help, consider joining a weight-loss support group.

If you want to keep your weight-loss efforts private, be prepared to be accountable to yourself with regular weigh-ins and a log of your diet and activity. You might also want to consider joining an online program or using a certified health coach.

So because this artical is so long I have decided to break it into two (2) parts. 

A liitle More about me:

Well I have talked about where I have been so lets talk turkey. I have been Obese for most of my life. Not just overweight but obese. There is a saying out there , used by most of these "weight guru's"; about being thin and feeling better than anything you can eat. I do not remember the exact saying right now. My question for the is, what if you don't remember what thin felt like? How do I know? Now don't get me wrong, I imagine that being thin or less would feel great. But there are a lot of us that "thin" is just another word [four letter at that] lol; in the dictionary. It is something we would like to be. Do you think people wouldn't like to go hiking, ride a plane without buying two tickets, or shop in a store that didn't start with "Big &Tall". Obesety is a "disease". If you are addicted to drugs or alcahol some people say well they had a hard life and need a little help or rehab. Those same people look at a heavy person and say they a just lazy. They need to exercise more. As you can read in the blog from June   what I think of the lazy statement. Ok enough of the soap box. sorry about that. Me I went to school in public school system all but one year. We had health class in the winter because it was to cold to go outside for activity and the gym got old fast. Lets face it we had a "coach" teaching us why and what we should eat and  God bless them for trying, But What we should have had was a dietician teach us right habits and bad habits. I am not saying this would have stopped the obesity crisis we are in now but it could have helped some people. Anyway I made the decision to drop out of school my Senior year. That was one of the wrost decisions I could have made. But I did regroup and get my GED and went on to college. I was studing for a secondary teaching certificate. But money was an issue and I never got to finsh that. But remember I believe God has a plan for us all. So from college at 21 I joined the US Army. Well I got my knee injured in Ft Benning and was given a discharge. I now know I got played there, I was told I could have a TDP or wait a few months and maybe get a medical discharge, and I would have to recycle into basic where I had just been injured anyway. Being young and not understanding the situation I chose the TDP. Which is a "Trainee Discharge Program". So I got out of the Army with an honorable discharge but no benefits for my injured knee. But life went on. ....  (more to come)

Stress reducers:
reading the bible

Remember that everyone is different and what works for one person does not mean it will work for you. remember that especially with weight reduction.

May the Lord continue to Bless and Keep you all.


Remember Me

Was not planning on Blogging tonight But saw this and wanted to share. Thanx Mike for sharing this on Facebook. 


Take a couple minutes to watch! You will not regret it.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Formal Definitions:

res·o·lu·tion  A formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.


to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do no matter what) I have resolved that I shall live life to the fullest. .

How many of us have made those New Years resolutions? I will quit Whatever it is or I will be nice to, or Still yet my FAVORITE I am going on a ["DIET"]!!!!! Talk about four letter words! If I was lucky it lasted until the first gas station I stopped at or the first fast food joint that pop-up, and how that always seemed to happen, Yes you all know what I am saying. The problem I see with resolutions are they are usually made with good intention but never seem to get off the ground.  However when you MAKE the decision to do something and get determined about it, that is resolve. So I say throw the resolution out the window and get that characteristic feature called resolve. When you do you will actually feel the difference physically and you will overcome. Will it be tough? Absolutely. But resolve will see you through. :)

So today being Friday in a lot of work places it may be casual Friday.  So I have decided to watch through the week and post some fun stuff here. I do not know what yet but I am sure I will find something.

Stress reducers:

Well a little about me:
I was born in a very small town in Sothern Missouri called Caldwell. Do not ask me about it because at six (6) months old I was on my way to Beautiful Colorado. Well there were times it was not so beautiful but off and on it has been home for 50 years. There were instances that I was elsewhere. Like college in Washington (state), US Army at Ft Benning GA, let me tell you that is not the place to be in July. Arizona, Tennessee, Texas. But I always came back. I am glad I had those opportunities. They are all learning experiences, good and bad; but that is what makes you who you are. Well we will stop there hope this shined some light on your life today.

The following is a small article published by the Mayo Clinic. Thought it was worth notice:

Weight loss basics

By Mayo Clinic staff
Your weight is a balancing act, and calories are part of that equation. Fad diets may promise you that counting crabs or eating a mountain of grapefruit will make the pounds drop off. But when it comes to weight loss, it's calories that count. Weight loss comes down to burning more calories that you take in. You can do that by reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activity.
Once you understand that equation, you're ready to set your weight-loss goals and make a plan for reaching them. Remember, you don't have to do it alone. Talk to your doctor, family and friends for support. Also, plan smart: Anticipate how you'll handle situations that challenge your resolve and the inevitable minor setbacks.
If you have serious health problems because of your weight, your doctor may suggest weight-loss surgery or medications for you. In this case, you and your doctor will need to thoroughly discuss the potential benefits and the possible risks.
But don't forget the bottom line: The key to successful weight loss is a commitment to making permanent changes in your diet and exercise habits.

May the Lord continue to Bless and Keep you all.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

A New Dawning

Things are going well today. Had a Dr appointment and recieved some information on my back. I need to get down to 450 # so they can do a MRI to see how extensive the damage is.

Morbid Obesity + Lazy
Unfortunatly this is the perception many people have of people who are in this classification. There could be nothing further from the truth. There are always exceptions to the rule but most obese people I know are just the opposite. They are workaholics, overacheivers, and go getters. Unfortunatley that means they do not take the TIME to be good to themselves. They skip meals, drink little water and get small amount of exercise. I know all to well this cycle. An average day for me was, get to work between 6 am and 8 am. Depending on what was going on. Work, run to meetings. more work. Grabbing some water once in awhile. Breaks-Lunch? that takes up productivity time. Leave work around 6 pm. Because I lived so close to the Facility if something happened that needed special care I got the call. I did not mind because my life was work. 5X a week some times 6X. I had one stretch that I was called back or in 15 days strait. Then if a staff member did not show there I was at least for part of that shift. Lazy, Yea I think not. Then when State was due in for an audit double that at least. Some of you know what I mean. So Lazy, That is what a person may think if 1. they have no obese friends and 2. do not know anyone obese. Believe me I know people who go out of their way to fit that catagory. I knew a very gentle and caring person who stopped goinhg to resteraunts because people would throw food at him. This is true. I thank God I have never ran into anyone like that, I would need to have the Lord hold me back, if you know what I mean. There are people who give those side looks, double takes, and rude cooments. Just remember that most people who try to tear down a peson is, only because they feel so low themselves. That is the only way to feel better than others is to tear them down. That is how they think. Better known as "Stinkin Thinkin". Just don't let them do it. I feel sorry for people like this. I do want to share that one day I was at the pharmacy and this Women and a small child walked up to me and she made him appologize for what he had said. I did not hear the comment but after awhile you learn to ignore them. This is the first time I have ever had this happen and I give points to that lady for teaching here child that those are not nice things to do.

A new dawn indeed. as of yesterday I have lost 19 pounds. I have very little to no cravings for the things I have cut from my eating. (bread, sugar,sugar substitutes, pastas, potatoes ect.) I get at least 64 oz and most of the time double that of WATER. Not liquid but water. I read where drinking anything with caffine takes the equal amount of water to flush it out. Coffee, Black Tea, Soda. If you drank a 20 oz soda then you need 20 oz water to flush the caffine out. What is wrong with caffine. I will not go into this fully here, however caffine is a stimulant. That means it also stimulates your hunger senses. Ever womder why one of those giant cinnamon rolls covered in frosting is eaten with a cup of coffee.  Next Time Have a glass of "Adams Ale" water, and a handful of almonds or an apple. Then go for a walk. Then you tell me which one makes you feel better. listen to your body, it is trying to tell you something.

Wisdom/Tip for today:
When you run in and get a "normal size" pop today, take a minute to read the lable. 20 to 40 grams of sugar, high sodium, artifitual flavors "chemicals" for one serving. Oh yea by the way that bottle you just drank was 2 1/2 servings. [20 oz}.Stick to water and a fresh piece of fruit or nuts and DO NOT buy anything around the counter. all unhealthy. Body/Mind

Well I did not mean to ramble but somedays it just rolls.

Stress Relievers:
Telling the truth
Talking to friends
playing fetch with your dog "good for him/her to.

May the Lord Bless you in all things that brings Glory to His name!


PS I had the nurse take some "now" photos today so as soon as I figure it out I will post them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Day In The Life of ?

Well, a very informative seminar last night. The team was very down to earth. a very relaxed atmosphere. I am proceding with the process so please keep this in your prayers. If this is what the lord wants it will be. Next appointment July 18. Will know much more then, I hope. One interesting thing is if they do not feel that they can safely do the surgery here the work with a team in South Carolina, maybe a road trip in the near future. I also found out that in most cases, you are in and out of the hospital in two (2) day and back to restricted activity within a month.

Trying to eat slower and chew food better. It takes approximatley 20 minuets for your stomach to "tell" your brain you have had enough. If you rush through a meal you will feel hungry and tend to eat more. So slow is the goal. Learning to sip water through the day and chug a few times. this is important for the surgery.

I am feeling better most days. Walking more and that feels good. Was able to go to Wal Mart today for some supplies I needed for my music. I spent about 30 miuets, in a motorized chair; shopping. When I was done I had a little pain but no where it use to be. 15 minutes use to put me over the top. The humor, that I saw; was the pain was so great I would sweat to the point that people would come up and ask, are you alright, do we need to call an ambulance. They thought I was having a heart attack. I know I have a strange since of humor. LOL

This diet solution is working well. It is very easy to maintain so far. I will try to get the link posted here soon if anyone is interested in checking it out.

My Thought/statement for today:

1. Turn our thoughts into words
2. Turn our words into actions
3. Turn our actions into habits

Easy to say, harder to do but only through challenging ourselves do we grow. I have heard that if you do something for seven (7) days it will become a habit. Kind of scary on some things right. know wonder bad habits get learned so easy if we are not careful.

My Stress Busters:
Deep Breathing

May the Lord Bless and keep you all


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting Over? More Like Continue of a life drama!

Well here we are. A few months later but now I can see! I had both eye done so now I see better than I have in a long time.

I am using the Diet Solution this time. It is very easy to follow and I have given up all breads, pastas, and prossed grains. I gave up surgar and sugar substitutes. The thing is I do not crave or miss any of them. I have beem going fo 12 days and have lost 14 pounds. Not bad. I am able to walk a little now for exercise.

I gave up sugar yea but why sugar substitutes? I once heard that if you can not pronounce what is in the ingredients list you should not put it in your mouth. So that is one reason. The other is I read, Will try to track the book down; that the brain does not know the difference between real sugar and sugar substitutes. It just knows it is sweet and releases insulin. No sugsr equals a high level of insulin in the body which means stored FAT!  (Please note I AM NOT a doctor nor do I claim to have the answer. I am just passing on possible reasons for weight retention.)

Ok so i am having to edit because I hit the post button by mistake. getting back on the horse sometimes we fall off lol.

So tonight I have a seminar to attend on weight surgery. It is for information. I am keeping all options open at this time. Will share some of that Later.

Well I have to run for now but look forward to posting soon. If anyone reads this I hope I can be of some help and encouragement!