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Tips to Cut 200 Calories a Day

Losing weight isn't easy, but it's not impossible if you have the right mindset. One of the best ways to begin losing weight is by starting with a small, attainable goal, like cutting 200 calories a day. By cutting 200 calories a day and doing nothing else, you'll lose a pound every two and a half weeks. If you combine this reduced calorie approach with a consistent exercise program, you'll be sure to see significant changes.

Cut Out Sodas
If you drink a lot of soda, you're consuming empty calories without even realizing it. An 8 oz. serving of cola contains 100 calories, 27 g of which are sugar. Cutting out 16 oz. of cola will slash your daily intake by 200 calories. If you usually get a 20-ounce bottle, switch to diet and you'll save 250 calories.

Change Your Breakfast
If you get a bagel every morning, you're missing out on another option that provides similar taste, but fewer calories. Switching from bagels to English muffins every morning can subtract 220 calories off your daily total. However, be sure to watch the amount of butter you put on the English muffin, as too much butter can easily negate any calorie savings.

Get a Smaller Plate
If food isn't right in front of you, you're less likely to eat it. Choose a smaller plate than you're used to, and you'll eat less by default. Going from a 12-inch plate to a 9-inch plate can cut as much as 500 calories over the course of a day. Better yet, since you don't see the food you're not eating, you don't even miss it.

Melinesa Steak
South American version of chicken fried steak.. It is a thin steak breaded in garlic, salt, and bread crumbs.

Prep Time: 8 Minutes
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes
Serves: 8 or 4
Yeilds: 8 – 2 oz serv or 4 – 4 oz serv


½ cup Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs
16 0z Flank Steak (Raw and thinly cut)
1 Egg

DirectionsLay your steak out on your preparation surface. If it is not as thin as you would like, you can use a meat tenderizer. It should be about 1/8 of an inch when you finished.

Beat 1 egg in a bowl by itself. Put bread crumbs in a dish. Dip steak in egg, both sides, then dip both sided in breadcrumbs. Place into frying pan with heated oil.

Lay the steaks gently on a greased pan. Cook over medium heat for 5 min. The steak should cook quickly. Should be cooked to well done but can be cooked to your desired temp.
Serving Size is 2 oz for 8 serv or 4 oz for 4 servings.
                      2 oz              4 oz
Calories =      245                490
Fat=                10                  20
Protien=          20                  40

I would advise to cut calories, cut out bread and do a dry rub with itallian herbs. This would cut count by 75 for 2 oz and 150 for 4 oz. Serv on bed of brown rice ½ cup, with 1 cup brussels sprouts or squash. Fresh sliced tomatoes & cucumbers w/ a desert of ½ lowfat cottage cheese and a fresh peach or pear, small; mixed and served cold. Complete calorie count would be around, for 2 oz serv of beef;  approximatly 450 calories for the intire meal.

Play with ingredients, add a little fresh Ginger to put a little heat to it. Make it your own.

Words of Wisdom:
Remember that positive thinking transfers into positive living.

Stress Reducers:
Get Pleanty of Rest
Drink 64 oz of water a day
Believe in what you are doing

May the Lord Continue to Bless You in Your Daily Walk With Him.


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