Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lazy Thursday / Pictures

Well I made it through the night and learned some things also. Thank You Ken for being a very confident and well versed person. This person explained every thing so I understood. Made the whole experience much easier than ever before.

On my drive back to Delta I had the opportunity to take some snap shots of the sun rise. This is the better one. The date stamp is never right on my camera. I always forget to change it after I change batteries.

So I am pretty worn out but did want to say thank you to all that are reading this blog, some are following by email and others get here through face book. Then some find me through a search engine. I just wanted to let all of you in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Kuwait and many others Thank You. Knowing that so many are reading this keeps me on task because I answer to all of you each day. Thank you so Much. I had some cards made up and this is what they look like.
This is not a great picture but I think you get the idea. It has the blog site, my face book address, and my e-mail address. If you think you might want some to pass out just message me and I will send you some. No charge of course I am just trying to build this site up.

Stress Reducers:
Just accept people as they are

Find a grassy knoll, a pitcher of unsweetened Ice Tea, and a good book, RELAX

Change what you can, make peace with what you can't & :)

Words of Wisdom:
If it sounds to good to be true, most of the time it is!

May the Lord Hear Your Prayers


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