Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jumping Over The Wall

OK now following what I wrote yesterday, I upped my exercise, slowed down when eating, and chewing the food good. (at least 32 times) But you say doesn't that get tedious? Not when it brings you results. I am lower now than I have been for at least four years. Is that tedious? I think not. What ever it takes, that does not harm,\; do it!

I do need to get me a new pair of walking shoes, my hips are hurting more and I can feel the rocks every step, a good sign that I need new ones. Any one have any Ideas?

Tomorrow night is the sleep test at St Mary's, Oh and did I mention how much I am dreading it. who would like to sleep wired up like they were getting ready to electrocute you. Sleep, are you kidding me! But if it gets me closer to a surgery date I am all for that.

Not much to say today, a little tired and can not think strait. So I guess I will leave it at that unless something hits me later, which it probably will. :)

Stress Reducers:
Get up and streach periodically if your job requires that you sit for extended periods.

Wear earplugs: If you need to find quiet at home, pop in some earplugs.

Prayer and Bible study. Start your day off with some scripture and prayer. You might be surprised how much that helps. J

Words of Wisdom:
Resolving to take action is proof that you are progressing. Even if you have the tendency to make a determination but only stick to it for two or three days, just keep renewing that determination. Then you will become the kind of person who can persevere and reach their goals.

May The Lord Bless Your Every Step As You Follow His Guidance.


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