Friday, August 19, 2011

Climbing Back In The Saddle

Hello again. It has been a couple of days but not of my choosing. I wrote about sickness and weight loss. I ended up a lot sicker than I thought. I had an infection of the bladder which I pocked fun of because men rarely get those. Well apparently the bladder did not appreciate my seance of humor, small that it is; and the infection spread to my blood. In under 24 hours I went from being sick to being in some pretty serious problems. So I have been in hospital hooked up to constant IV pushes at a rate of 200 ml an hour I believe that is how it reads. I was that way from Tuesday Morning until this morning when the Doctor said I could go home. I am still weak but will catch everything up on Sunday and Monday. So stay safe and don't make fun of your body when your sick. ;)

May the Lord continue to Bless us all in All Things for His Glory!


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