Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up Still

So I went to physical therapy today. While out I ran to Gas station and store. I did not realize how much something like this can take out of a person. I got stuck in line at grocery store, now that brings up an age old question. They have 10 check out counters with one open? What is that all about if you are only going to open 1 or 2 at a time why have 10? So I get home and my legs are shaking, my head is light and a little dizzy. Guess when the say take it easy they mean take it easy.

So I want to talk a little about shopping. If this doesn't make much since take it at the source. There is a lot to be said about shopping the outer ring of the store and stay out of the center. Your Veggies, Meat, Fruit, and such are on the outer ring of the store, the pop, chips, cookies and most junk food are in the center. The only true exception to this is specialty foods such as Chinese, Italian, Greek and such are usually in an isle all there own. So shop the outer ring and avoid the inner isles and you will avoid a lot of impulse buying. The only trap left is the check out stand. This is loaded with impulse buyers nightmares. The junk magazines, junk food, and just junk. But hundreds of dollars are wasted here every day. Even if you don't buy food you are spending hard earned money on junk. So avoid the erg to buy. Just Say "NO". Save that money for the extra trip to the gym or a new hairdo you have been wanting to try, who cares what star had what aliens baby this week?

Stress Reducers:
Deep Breathing
Getting Good Rest
Relax, Don't Worry What You Can Not Change

Words of Wisdom:
Change the things you can, learn to live with the things you can not change. Live life for today and not for yesterday.

May the Lord continue to Bless you daily.


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