Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting There Is Only Part Of The Battle

So I am creeping up to the half way point. I am 2 #'s away from 50 #'s lost. I have increased my exercise time, and that does not mean walking slower. Also the reps done in weights and longer distance walking. I have gone back through my food journals and the only thing I have changed is the portions, I can not eat what I use to; and I added some Sugar substitute like sugar free oatmeal and 1 Tbl of sugar free jam. Could that be it? I will cut them back out and see if that makes a difference and report back to you.

I got (Bad Grammar) my camera back today so I will get some updated pictures up soon. I can not see a difference but others say they can. We will see. What is that about a camera adding 10 #'s? Do you think that only goes for TV camera or just a actor who needed an excuse? ;)

So let us talk about,watch out guys) FEELINGS! Yikes! But seriously what kind of feelings do you think you could have after weight loss whether through changing your eating habits on your own or WLS? I just finished the chapter on this subject in "The Expert's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery" By Dr Garth Davis, there were a lot of things I never considered before. One testament was she was always looked at and criticized for her weight now she gets the same treatment because she is pretty. Now in my belief I know a lot of "pretty" people who are very ugly inside but I do get what she is saying. I think she needs to hang out with and around new people. Marriage? That is one I will not have to worry about, but if you are losing weight and you get down to your goal what does the spouse think. It runs both ways. Does the jealousy run so deep it breaks a marriage or does the thrill that someone you love is much more healthy which in most cases means more time together. Dr Davis states that in most of his cases the ones that end up in divorce court had problems before the weight issue and the ones who stay together are bonded tighter. Why, well I think it is called "Love". When you truly care for some one you are happy when they get healthier and succeed in what they started out to do. (Remember I am not a Doctor or a Psychiatrist)

I know one of my problems is I don't see the change. When I was in the Army I lost down to 210 #'s, mind you I was 21 years old at the time and not nearly as obese. I still felt fat. As I put the weight back on I did not notice because I already felt that way. I had girls walk up and flirt with me and I would get embarrassed. One reason was I was and still am terrified of the female sex. I like females but I have seen what my sister did to her husband and then my own failed marriage and I just do not want to be hurt like that any more. I know I am not alone in that thought because I know men and women who feel the same way. The other reason was because I was fat. But I really wasn't, a Little overweight but I felt I was. 

Dr Davis talked about the wall you put up around you so people can"t get to you, when the weight is gone where is that safety wall then. People literally can get closer. How do you deal with that. The plain and simple of that is, for these feelings or any reason; seeking professional help can only help. I don't mean Grandma who only hears every other word any way. A good professional will not only listen but will watch your movement, posture, and reaction which will give him/her a clearer picture and be able to help. One who works with Bariatric/lost weight would be preferred.

Wow, some days it just doesn't stop hey!

Words Of Wisdom:
 People do not grow when their environment is too comfortable, when they are not challenged. It is in the midst of suffering and hardship that strength of character is formed.

Stress Reducers:
Learn to live one day at a time.
Every day, do something you really enjoy
Add an ounce of love to everything you do

May The Lord Find You Pleasing In His Sight


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