Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip

So there apparently will be times that we will take a little detour but not so far away.

I started of yesterday after noon not feeling to good. By 8 pm I was running a 102 Tmp. So off to the ER I went. My temp broke at the hospital and I was Hydrating profusely. Like how avoided the would sweating! So Turns out I have a bad bladder infection. I asked what causes these but no one could answer that question. So today I got on the trusty Internet and looked it up. So here are some facts. Women are more prone to bladder infection, reason that their urethra is only about 1 1/2 inches long so bacteria is more likely to travel into the bladder. These bacteria are usually a strain of E coli. Now for men it is very rare for us to get this until we get older. One thing that can cause this is prostrate swelling. Mine checked out fine so I guess like I always say, I am a rare bird. Bladder infections if treated can be not so serious, however if not treated can infect the kidney and if gone untreated can cause serious kidney damage. So just one more quick tid bit if you have a geriatric Family member or friend that has become incontinent, confused, and lethargic you may want to have them see the doctor for a possible bladder infection. In the elderly some times these symptoms are passed off as "old age".  

So that does it for this road trip, except when you are sick your scale can move up and down a lot. I started off with a 6 pound gain yesterday morning which was strange but by this morning was 7 pounds down. so if you are the kind that stresses over what the scale says "DON"T WEIGH WHILE YOUR SICK". :)

Stress Reducers:
Get plenty of sleep
Don't weigh yourself every day
Believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says

Words of Wisdom:
If you think you are losing your mind, stop and look at the other person. Maybe it is them.

May the Lord Bless each step you take today


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