Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lending a Helping Hand! / Curry What?

Well it has been a long day for me anyway. I went and helped where I could getting our class room ready for school. Color coded some books.

Well I am at that scary point. I always hit this point then freeze. I have been here about four (4) days now. 509, I hit that number then bam it is like hitting a brick wall. once through it then I start to lose regular again but getting over that hill is very hard. But I will do it. Anyone with any Plateau breakers now is the time to speak up.

I know I said I was going to blog part 3 of the WLS procedures but honestly I am wiped but I will get it done or as one of my favorite comedians would say, "Get er Dun".

Stress Reducers:
A hard days work
Spending time with good friends
Feeling accomplished

Words of Wisdom:
When It Seems to easy or to good to be true? Check it out closely. Only God offers a truly Free Gift!

I almost Forgot, It is Sunday and that means Recipe Time and since no one sent me any I guess you are still stuck with mine. :(  So here we go:


3 Tb
Olive Oil or Butter
1 tsp
Cumin seeds
1 -2
Green Chilies
(finely chopped)
1 tsp
(finely grated)
2 Tb
2 cps
Cooked corn kernels

Green bell pepper
(finely chopped)

2 cps

Skim Milk

1 tsp


  1. Over medium heat, in a heavy sauce pan; add oil or butter and cumin seeds. Stir until the seeds crackle. Add the chilies and ginger and fry lightly. Add the flour and reduce heat to low, cooking for about 2 minutes.

  1. Mix in corn and green bell pepper. Add the milk slowly while stirring carefully to make sure no lumps form. Cook on low about 10 minutes or until sauce thickens. Add sugar and salt to taste.

Now I made this this weekend for our church Potluck, But it seemed to be missing something. No one could put their finger on it though. Some suggestions were: Curry Powder, Chicken, but that shoots the vegetarian idea in the foot; I like the Idea Ms K gave which was raisins and almonds. But you can try it and let me know what you did. I served this with Brown rice. I think it will serve more than 4 also.

Till next time

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


Friday, July 29, 2011

And That's the way It was Friday July 29th, Goodnight

So can anyone tell me who use to sign off the air like this? Well here it is Friday once again. People all over America off for the weekend. They will spend money they can't afford, do things they should not do and regret it all Monday morning, or they will spend time with family and God, be rested and ready to go Monday. Which sounds better to you?

So today I said I would talk about the second surgery. Please, Please know that this information I have gotten and in no way should be considered an expert opionion! The Gastric Bypass or also known as the Roux-en-Y :

Step One, Gastric Bypass Procedure: Divide Stomach and Jejunum

During the gastric bypass procedure, the upper stomach is divided with a stapler and reinforced with stitches to create the new upper (proximal) stomach pouch. The new pouch is the size of a golf ball, holding about 20 cc. The pouch is made so small for two reasons. First, it will eventually stretch somewhat. By making it very small at first, the final size will still be quite restrictive. Second, the upper pouch continues to make stomach acid. The pouch is kept small to minimize the amount of acid that enters the upper jejunum and thus minimithe chance of developing an ulcer at the stomach jejunum anastamosis.

The lower (distal) larger part of the stomach is left in place for three reasons. First, it still produces acid and pepsin to help digest food. These juices travel down the duodenum and into the jejunum to mix with food. Second, if for any reason a patient needs to have the operation reversed, the stomach is still there and can be hooked up again. Please note that this is very rarely necessary. Third, removing the lower part of the stomach would greatly prolong the surgery and make it more dangerous.
The upper jejunum is also divided in preparation for bringing it up to connect to the upper stomach pouch.







Step Two, Gastric Bypass Procedure: Attach Jejunum to Stomach Pouch

The part of the jejunum that is brought up behind the colon and lower stomach pouch is called the "Roux limb". (Roux was a Swiss surgeon who developed the general technique.) The Roux limb is joined or "anastamosed" to the upper stomach pouch using a circular stapler or with a hand sewn technique. The staple line is reinforced where necessary with hand sewn stitches. The opening between the pouch and the intestine is 1.1cm (less than 1/2 inch) in diameter.

Step Three, Gastric Bypass Procedure: Attach Proximal Jejunum to the side of Roux Limb

The end of the jejunum is attached to the side of the Roux limb. Thus, food goes down the esophagus into the upper pouch. It then goes through the anastamosis into the Roux limb. Digestive juices from the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas travel down the duodenum and jejunum and are added to the food that has come down the Roux limb where the two parts of the small intestine are attached. The food and the juices then travel down the small intestine mixed together and further digestion takes place.

Step Four, Gastric Bypass Procedure: Gastrostomy Tube

A gastrostomy tube is occasionally inserted through the left upper abdominal wall into the lower stomach. The tube is a safety device that allows stomach juices to escape if the juices can't drain easily into the small intestine. Most patients don't need the tube, and the decision to place the tube is made at the time of surgery based on how loose or tight the tissues are where the small bowel is attached to the Roux limb. The gastrostomy can cause complications, and it is inconvenient and uncomfortable, so we do not use it routinely. If a gastrostomy tube is inserted, it can easily be removed in the office about 3 weeks after surgery.

So here is the address to this information site. Because I do not know a lot on this subject I felt better doing it this way. There are Diagrams to go with the steps on this site.

Stress Reducers:
Deep Breathing

Words of Wisdom:
I use to complain about my shoes until I met a man with no feet!

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Hot Day in the Books

Well I think it was hot, I am sure that some of the readers wish it was just this hot where they are. Time for an update, I went to the pulmonary Doctor yesterday and I now have another inhaler I have to use. Not a replacement but a third inhaler. But the good news is that as far as I know I am completely green lighted for surgery by all the physicians I saw. So it is just a matter of getting the weight down to 450 or less. I am still on target for a late October date.

I think I will take four days and explain, to my knowledge; what WLS's are available. If you are considering WLS there is a lot that goes into making a decision what surgery is best for you. Talk with your bariatric surgeon and staff. Ask question, do research on your own. With the web sites available there are an enormous amount of information out there. Just remember your doctor and staff are the best place to turn for good, solid information. (as with everything take what you read on the Internet with a grain of salt. I guarantee their are those out there who, if you gave them a ton of gold; could write something negative about it.)

So the four surgery's that I looked at, and are the only ones I know about; are 1. The Lap-Band, 2. Gastric Bypass, 3. The Duodenal Switch, and 4. The Sleeve.

The Lap-Band  or "The Band"

So today I will give you some information as I understand it about the lAP-Band. [Please remember I am not a doctor and therefor am not telling you anything that is medical to my knowledge] The "Band" is a devise that they place around the top part of your stomach. There is a line that runs down that to a injection port placed just under the skin. This is where they fill or remove the saline solution that tighten or loosens the band. The band can be removed if there are complication, which are rare these days. After you are successful the band can be left in and just deflated. That way if you start to gain weight again the band can be refilled. I personally think you should not think of that as a wild card to eat what ever because you can always have it filled again. By this time I think that if you were successful you have also learned how to eat right and not revert to old ways of eating. The band can slip and have to be repositioned but again this is a low rate of incidents. You may be thinking that sound like that's the one but hold on. While the band is a great tool it just does not work well with people of extreme sizes. Again the surgeon you talk to can give you all the information you need.  Now I happen to know there are some of you that are reading this that have had the "band" so please if I have miss stated something or you have something to add please let me know. I still highly suggest Reading "The Expert's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery", Dr Davis covers all four surgeries in much better detail.

Stress Reducers:
Not letting what others say behind your back bother you. My beleif is if you can't say it to my face then it's not worth saying.

Believing in yourself. Even when others do not!

Stop, Look, Listen, and think before eating. You will not have to be upset with your self if you either don't eat it or decide to eat it but in moderation. "Wise Eating"

Words of Wisdom:
Each time you fall down, just get back up. If you can pick yourself up, you can also move forward.

I pray that the Lord Takes each step with you in what ever you are doing!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Open Doors / Closed Doors

Hello All
Well I had my 3 month official weigh in today. These are what I term as "official" because Insurance Companys, in most cases require three (3) to six (6) months of supervised Weight reduction before they will cosider paying for the surgery. I met my goal that I have set. I was 509 this morning. That is 40 pound gone with 60 to goe. So lets be honest here, The first month I really did not try very hard and only lost three (3) or four (4) pounds all month. But the second month I got inspired and the this month I had the hope of recieving a tool that could help me when used properly. The only thing that stood in the way was me.So I buckled down and got real serious about it and here I am, 40 ounds lighter. I know I have answered this before but to retouch it because there are new people reading. Why have the surgery if you can lose weight like this? I have lost and gained more weight than I can remember, I always do great until around 430. Then my body just shuts down. This has happened two or three times before. I struggle for months and finally give up. This time after getting to my usal shut down time I will be small enough to have surgery. Then with that tool I will be able to continue. YOU should know what your body can and can not do. There is a difference in what your body can do or is telling you something and what your mind is telling you. Example: Walking, If I listened to my mind I would do one (1) lap and quit. But when you go on you find out that the body can do more. So when your body is telling you something, Listen to it.

My short term goal for surgery is late October of this year. If all stays on track with no big stalls I could do it. But I have a long term goal also. Do not ever give your self only one option because then when you miss it you are more likly to give up. So my long term is by February of 2012. But I am going to try hard to make the short term goal.

I use to look at people around me that I went to school with and think "man I messed up". I would see them with good families, a good job, a house, etc. Here I was still trying to find work, never having a steady anything. My marriage did not even last a year. You know it takes two to tango so that was not just things she did. But know I look back and see a whole different picture. If I would have settled down I would have never got to enjoy the beuty of God's handy work in places like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Tennesse, Missouri, Washington, California, and of course Colorado. I would never have had the experince that make me who I am today. If I would have finished my teaching degree I would have been a teacher in a school in one or two areas. That would have been ok but I would be a teacher. I could have fought for my rights as a police officer after finishing law enforcement training and be a police officer but I would have been a police officer. I guess in the short of it is I have done that and much more. I have been the law inforcer, teacher, councelor, cook, bussiness person, computer tech all through what I did do. I never had the titles but I did the jobs and loved them. So looking back I see I did not fail I just "did it my way" Thanks Franky. If that comment goes over your head I am older than I thought. lol

So I just want to say, don't give up on your dreams. I believe God opens doors where he wants you to go and when you go through the wrong door on your own He just recalculates and closes some doors and opens others. I just think I am where I am because I am suppose to be here. I have met a lot of people on this trip from all over the world and for the most part consider them friends. I belive it was Will Rogers who said, "A stranger is just a friend I have't met yet". Well that is how I have tried to live and in most cases succeeded.

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All! Tom

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Back Soon

I am sorry I have not been around for a couple of days. My Brother-in-Law's funeral is today and I am helping the church with the dinner afterward so if I can I will get back on this later today. I have three doctor appointment tomorrow but after that I just have my regular 1 month check ins. That means the only thing standing between me and the surgery is me and getting this weight down, on that hand as of thismorning I am down 40 pounds. I hit my goal for the month!!!!

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Talk "FOOD"

 We need food to give us energy to complete the tasks of the day. Travel back just a few years. Let's say 1875, Our relatives from this era spent their day working hard at what ever they did. Food was what was grown, raised, or bought at the mercantile. There were no "nutrion lable then. You ate what was put before you and in most cases was very grateful. The nearest "fast food" was the deer that got away. Now let's travel back to today. Fast Food has became a "staple" food, when beans and potatoes use to be now you have bean burritos and french fries. Now I don't blme the outlets because after all they employ million, and ultametly it is our choice to eat or not eat.

I about fell over when I found out the calorie count on my favoite lunch meal, double cheese burger, large fry, and a super large Cke [that I never finished] was 1800 calories. That is more than a whole days worth of calories in one shot. Stop by the gas station pick up a candy bar (excuseme? 4 candy bars) and a 20 oz Coke. (20 oz pops are 2 1/2 servings by the way) So then supper of who knows what and don't forget the snack while watching the latest rerun of Star Trek The Next Generation. Of course to round off this nightmare I did not eat the one meal I should have "Breakfast". So my body is saying starving all morning and then when I do feed it it hangs on to all that fat for dear life, then spike my sugar levels with that snack, Body dumps in the insulin; then it is just freaked out by supper and another snack so sleep is little if any. WOW it is a wonder that I am here to write this!

Well today is a NEW day. As I have said before I have cut all the sugar and sugar substitutes out as much as possible, (all food these days seem to have one or the other) Breads, Pastas, White Potatoes, and Sticky Rice. I have added Lean cuts of meat, (mostly Fowl and Fish) (no pork) I won't go into all the reasons but look up how swine filter there intake. I have started walking and lifting weights. I started walking 3 months ago at 100 yrds and now I am up to almost 1/2 a mile a day. I started out lifting a 6 lb dumb bell (ladies that is a weight not your husband) [Forward curls, Side curls. and presses] 10 time each, I am up to 35-40 times each now. I know you have heard this but I am serious when I say "If I can do it so can YOU".

I will share with you what I have been tols, at my weight; what my intake should be: between 1500 - 1800 cals a day, consistinf of no more than 5 g of fat per serving, 50g carbs a day, and 90 to 100 g of protein a day. Ask you physician if there is a dieticion on staff or that they can reccomend. Most doctors do not specialize in nutrition and it is better to have someone who does also most office do have a dietion specialist on staff these days.

I heard a sad report the other day: staticts show that for the first time in a long time our children life expectacy is less thanours, it is because of obesety. There was another news story where a Governor [don't remember which one] was try try to pass a law that if your children were overweight the stste would take them away. What? lets just add to the deficit that every state has, that makes since. Hey Gov I have an Idea, leave the kid's home and teach the parents nutrition. Most do not have the simelist Idea of what that is. Now they are cutting extra carricular sports, PE andd any other "non-essintial activities. What????? Can anyone say WHAT??????????????????????????????????  The only health and nutrition I got in school (and very little then) was in PE. So no active activity mean more obese children and yet there is an obesety problem now, just wait!

OK enough soap box. I found a tastey looking recipe to share so I think Sunday's will be share a recipe day. If you have one to share please do so in the comments and I will approve and post them. (remember I have a screener set on comments just so I can keep ugly, hurtful comments out. If you dissagree with anything her and do it in a respectful way I will post your comment.( So here we go:

Lettuce wraps

 Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 1

1 cup Iceburg Lettuce
1/2 cup Chopped Cucumber
1/4 cup 1 Cup Chopped Carrots
1/2 cup Ground Turkey
2 tbsp Asian With Sesame & Ginger

Tear leaves off of the Iceburg lettuce. Rinse well, put on a plate and set aside.
Chop the cucumber and carrots into small pieces.
Coat saute pan with non-stick cooking spray, and heat on medium temperature for 1 minute.
Put cucumber and carrots in the saute pan for 5 minutes. Then remove from pan and put into a separate bowl.
Re-coat the saute pan with non-stick cooking spray and continue to heat on medium temperature for another minute.
Put ground turkey meat into the pan and cook for 10 minutes or until brown/ cooked all the way through.
Add the chopped cucumber and carrots into the saute pan with the turkey. Stir well until the cucumber and carrots are completely mixed in with the turkey, on low heat.
Remove saute pan from heat and pour 1 tablespoon of the light sesame-ginger dressing on the turkey and vegetable mixture and then stir until the dressing is mixed in.
Pour 1 more tablespoon of dressing into a small bowl for dipping.
Take the plate of lettuce you prepared earlier and place about 1/4 of a cup of the turkey mixture into each leaf of lettuce.
Dip the lettuce wraps into the sesame dressing for maximum flavor.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 4 lettuce wraps
Amount per Serving
Calories 251
Calories from Fat 108.7
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 12.08g
Saturated Fat 1.01g
Cholesterol 85mg
Sodium 400.5mg
Total Carbohydrate 12.57g
Dietary Fiber 2.4g
Sugars 8.45g

Protein 23.8g
Est. Percent of Calories from:

So I hope you like it. It sounds good, I have not tried it yet.

Words Of Wisdom:
"Thank you" is the essence of nonviolence. It contains respect for the other person, humility and a profound affirmation of life.

Stress Reducers:
Get up 15 min early. That way little set backs won't get in the way.
Lay out your clothes the night before
Prepare for the morning: Make lunches, Set table, Etc. the night before.

My Prayer is that you would Keep The LORD in your Heart and Mind Always

Until Next Time


Friday, July 22, 2011

Causing Trouble For Ones Self

You know that feeling you get in your stomach that says STOP don't do that. Well I did it anyway and know I am upset with myself. No it wasn't about food. I was looking for an address of someone and up pops this ad for "MyLife" so I looked and I thought it said $14.95 but it said $149.50? I felt like no but for $14.95 what can it hurt? Well luckily I looked a my account and saw what had happened. I called and the refunded 128.50 So I maybe learned my lesson. If you think you might want to try something take a couple days and think about it.

I just want to send out a sympathy note to all my nieces, nephews, and all the relatives of my Brother-in-Law Joe Ward. He Passed late last night, He had been battling Cancer.

Well here is an interesting article from Bariatric Advantage, it is titled: “Eat Less and Exercise More”—It’s Not That Simple
 Here is the link, it is worth checking out.

You probably noticed I cut the ads. not all went away but I just did not agree with some of the ads claiming miracles for low prices. Kind of like a magic pill. I do not condone those ads so why have them here. The small one I can't seem to get rid of yet. Believe me if there was a "magic pill" I would have found it by now. This is hard work no matter what you do. If you are doing WLS don't dare let anyone make you think this is the easy way out, are you kidding me. This is a tool that if used properly will help "YOU" get healthier.

Stress Reducers:
Believing in Yourself

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Exhausting Day

Hello All:
It has been a active day for me. I went to Grand Junction to take a young man down for testing. While he did that I went to the Park and walked. GJ is about 40 miles away so round trip is about 80. For my back that was a lot but then I went to Pathfinder meeting. (like boy scouts) at our church. There was a time that would be nothing but moving this weight around takes its toll. The heat does not help but I did it and enough pity party.

So it has been awhile since I talked about my "Diet". I realy hate that word but it is one that everyone is familiar with so there you go. About 4 months ago I started on this journey. The first month my heart just was not in it. Then the third month I started getting motivated. Having and great doctor (PA) helps. anyway during the second month I went to a WLS seminar then a couple weeks later I went to the Life Center and met with the bariatric team. I met Dr. Hanly and it just went from there like wild fire. The second month I had tried harder and lost some weight, About 18 pounds. But I am finish up my forth month and I am down 38 pounds. I weighed in at 531 at the clinic. So since that first official meeting I have lost 20 more pounds. I have to get down to 450 just to make things safer, not safe but safer. So my goal is to be 509 by the 27th of this month when I see by PCP. I have a good chance of doing that. at that weight I will have lost 40 pounds with only 59 to go. some may say 50 but remember I have lost 38 in basicly a little over two months. My short term goal is to be ready for surgery in October. So that gives me two to two and a half months to go. I am going to give it a fighter try, but it is always safe to have a long term goal just in case the short term does not work out. I have been trying to do this for over six years and the insurances I had refused to pay But I beleive the Lord was waiting for the right time If I had done so ealier I would have to travel to either Denver or Salt Lake. If there was a problem after getting homr that is a long trip for help. Now St Mary's Hospital has a great bariatric clinic. It has been in the making just in the last two or three years. Now they have the doctors for the type of surgery I need and I have the insurance that will pay for it. If there is a problem I am a short ride away or if is extreamlly life threatening I am on a few minutes by helicopter. So you see why I believe the Lord worked it all out. 

Well I am tired so I am going nighty nite. But before I go I am going to post Dr. Hanly's proffessional and personal bios. tack a few minutes to read them and you will see why I think what I think.

May the Lord keep you all


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Long Hot Day But Eventful

So I do not know exactly how hot it got but it was HOT. Made walking harder today but I got most of it in and I will finish up after church. It will be cooler then anyway. The eventful part of my day is I had an appointment with my State Farm agent that I was not especially thrilled about but when I left his office I will pay $110 less a year for Insurance. I was Insurance poor and did not need what I had. Yippee!

So let me try to explain in my terms, what I understand about your BMI. Your BMI is Body Mass Index, in laymen terms it is how much fat you are carrying.These are the guide numbers to see where you are at.

          Underweight: Less Than 18.5                               
          "Normal":  Between 18.5 - 24.9                             
           Overweight: Between  25 - 29.9                          
           Obese: Between 30 - 34.9
           Morbid Obese: Between 35 - 50
           Super Obese: Anything over 50

I fall in the most dangerous category Super Obese. The higher you are the more at risk you are for things like Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Liver Damage.

Here is the calculation to figure your BMI:
Your Weight divided by (Your Height X Your Height) X 703

Here is how mine looks:                                                              513 / (71.5 x 71.5) X 703 or 513 X 5112.25 X 703 = 70.54

My BMI is 70.54 but the good news is it is falling. It has drooped 3 points in about a month so that is good.

So I hope this has helped you understand the BMI that you hear about.

I just want to thank all of you for your support. It makes the work that goes into this easier.

reference material: The expert's guide to weight loss surgery by Dr Garth Davis.

Stress Reducers:
Deep Breathing
Going for a walk in nature

Words of Wisdom:
One's true worth as a human being is not a matter of outward appearance or title but derives from the breadth of one's spirit. Everything comes down to faith and conviction. It is what is in one's heart and the substance of one's actions that count.

May The Lord Bless Each of you As You Travel In HIS Guidance


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day Of Success

Well another day of success! You know this has been much easier this time. Oh yes I am a product of diet after diet after that four letter word "diet". Just a few were: The Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, Slim Fast, Dexatrim, Nutrisystem etc. I am not saying these don't work they just did not work for me. Nutrisystem did work fairly well, I lost weight in my body and in my wallet. So the thing is, watch out here comes some unsolicited advise: watch you portion size, keep your fat grams down make sure you are getting 60-70 grams of protein and eat good carbs. Good carbs are green veggies for the most part. The best thing is read the labels. That is what I am doing now. After reading some of that stuff you won't want to eat it. Just eat as healthy as you can afford. Try to cut out all added sugar, cut down on consumption of sugar substitutes, and starches. Yup that means potatoes, pastas, bread, deserts, drinks etc.

I am almost done with all my preop appointments. I have one more on the 27th and I have it all done except losing down to 450 #'s. While we are there I am down 36 #'s and going down. You may ask if you can lose weight like that why have the surgery? Well the fact is I can not maintain the kind of loss. I am praying I can get down to 450 before my body freaks out and starts storing fat. My body does strange things when I start losing a lot of weight like bleeding. I bleed in areas that make it hard to medicate like my belly button. I told you it was strange.

I would like to answer a question that I asked at the seminar and I heard it again yesterday on another blog I follow <Heart on my Sleeve> Here is the web site if you want to check it out. Tracy had the sleeve surgery like I am going to have.

Now for the question: "Why can't you just eat the small amount of food like you do after the surgery? The answer is self evident but the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask!
Answer: Your body was created as a perfect working creature. Through time it has broken down and now today if you don't feed it enough every thing you do eat is stored as fat. (it thinks your starving) Your brain is very smart, it reads things like sugar so it puts out insulin, it reads pain, pleasure you get the idea. So if you had a "normal" stomach and you only ate a cup of food (8 oz) a meal it would go into overdrive and start storing fat plus I do not know anyone who could eat that little bit and not cause other problems. Malnutrition being one. Have you ever been around a person who has not had much to eat for a few days. They are pretty testy, I wouldn't want to have to live with them. My understanding is by having the small stomach, the sleeve is about 4 oz; your brain thinks your your full. So there is no growling stomach or hunger pains to make you edgy. The thing to remember is this is an individuals decision, they have to live the rest of their lives, the sleeve is non reversible; but the chances are with the successful person they will have a much longer life to live. (Please remember these are my opinions not medical fact.)

Wow I did not think I would be able to write much but when I start it just keeps on rolling.

Stress Reducers:
Reading the Bible
Learning something New

Words of Wisdom:
Read or listen closely. You never know what you may learn!

May the LORD Bless you all in your walk with HIM!


If you have a question or idea for stress reduction or maybe a recipe please share. put it in the comment area. Most people have a Google account anymore but if you don't and you have an email it is quick and easy to do. I look forward to Hearing from you. (Do not think your comment did not take, I have it set where I have to approve all comments before there posted. My way of making sure nothing offensive get put up for everyone to see.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday / Mayo Clinic Artical +

I just saw an add about new WLS $480. There is no such thing. Please ignore that. If these continue I will stop the adds!

Good Monday morning to you all. Well I wrote this long detailed piece about BMI and I lost it. Oh well. I will do it again some day. But not today. Just Keep this in mind your BMI is very important. The higher it is the more at risk you are.
So instead lets talk EXERCISE! I know this is every ones favorite topic; yeah to avoid. lol But seriously You need to move to get that blood flowing and get your metabolism going strong. You don't have to run a marathon, in fact if you are where you can't even walk there are still some exercises you can do. It took me a while to do this so don't get discouraged. Here is what I started at about 2 1/2 months ago: I walked once a day about 100 steps and I lifted a 16 # dumbell, doing arm curls and presses 10 times. I worked up slowly but now I take three walks a day averaging 300 to 500 steps per walk. I do the same weight exercise but I do them 20+ times. I have also added Deep Breathing and foot and leg stretches. Does it do any good? in the last month and a half I have lost 35 pounds. So yes it works and it is worth it.
Stress Reducers:
Believe in yourself
Treat yourself to something fun. A trip to a zoo maybe
Dealing with issues not hiding them under a mask
Words of wisdom:
Don't Stand under a flying elephant.

Weight-loss goals: 10 tips for success

Well-planned weight-loss goals can help you convert your thoughts into action. Here's how to create successful weight-loss goals.

Weight-loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure. Realistic, well-planned weight-loss goals keep you focused and motivated. They provide a plan for change as you think about and transition into your healthy lifestyle.

But not all weight-loss goals are helpful. Unrealistic and overly aggressive weight-loss goals — for example, losing 10 pounds each week or fitting into your high school jeans from 20 years back — can undermine your efforts. They're difficult, if not impossible, to meet. And if your weight-loss goals are beyond reach, you're more likely to feel frustrated and discouraged and give up on your dieting plans.

10 weight-loss tips
It's OK to dream big. Just use these 10 tips for creating weight-loss goals that will help you achieve your big dreams.

1. Personalize your goals. Set goals that are within your capabilities and that take into account your limitations. Also, consider your personal fitness level, health concerns, available time and motivation. Tailoring your expectations to your personal situation helps you set achievable goals.

2. Aim for realistic weight loss. Healthy weight loss usually occurs slowly and steadily. In general, plan to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week (0.5 to 1 kilogram) — even if your initial weight loss is a little faster in the first week or two. To do this, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day. Also, don't expect to lose more of your body weight than is realistic. For instance, set a goal of losing 10 percent of your current weight, rather than 30 percent.

3. Focus on the process. Make most of your goals process goals, rather than outcome goals. "Exercise regularly" is an example of a process goal, while "weigh 145 pounds" is an example of an outcome goal. It's changing your processes — your daily behaviors and habits — that's key to weight loss, not necessarily focusing on a specific number on the scale. Just make sure that your process goals are specific, measurable and realistic, too.

4.Think short term and long term. Short-term goals keep you engaged on a daily basis, but long-term goals motivate you over the long haul. Your short-term goals can become stepping stones to reaching long-term goals. Because healthy, permanent weight loss can be a long process, your goals need to be feasible for the long term.

5  Write it down. When planning your goals, write down everything and go through all the details. When and where will you do it? How will you fit a walk into your schedule? What do you need to get started? What snacks can you cut out each day? Then track your progress to see if you're meeting your goals.

6. Pick a date. Timing is crucial, often making the difference between success and failure. Choose a definite start date for your weight-loss program and don't put that date off for anything. Be sure to account for life circumstances that might hamper your efforts, such as work or school demands, vacations or relationship problems. You may need to resolve some issues before starting.

7. Start small. It's helpful to plan a series of small goals that build on each other instead of one big, all-encompassing goal. Remember that you're in this for the long haul. Anything you undertake too intensely or too vigorously will quickly become uncomfortable, and you're more likely to give it up.

8. Plan for setbacks. Setbacks are a natural part of behavior change. Everyone who successfully makes changes in his or her life has experienced setbacks. Identifying potential roadblocks — a big holiday meal or office party, for example — and brainstorming specific strategies to overcome them can help you stay on course or get back on course.

9. Evaluate your progress. Review your goals each week. Were you able to successfully meet your goals last week? Think about what worked and what didn't. Make plans for how you will reach your goals both today and during the course of the week.

10 Reassess and adjust your goals as needed. Be willing to change your goals as you make progress in your weight-loss plan. If you started small, you might be ready to take on larger challenges. Or, you might find that you need to adjust your goals to better fit your new lifestyle. If you find that you have to make frequent adjustments downward or constantly scale back, you may not be setting realistic weight-loss goals in the first place — head back to tip No. 1.

Take Care and Take God


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Fresh Day / When It Is A Good Thing To Be A Loser

Hello All:
It is a beautiful Day here in Western Colorado. When I figure it out I will post some pics my friend took yesterday.

Let us talk about eating, speed and chewing. I have slowed my pace way down, most days; and I can tell the difference between slow and fast. When I take 15 t0 20 minutes to eat, sometimes 30; I get full before the plate is empty. When I feel full I stop. That is breaking another habit to. "Always clean your plate." By chewing your food well, I am talking 32 chews or more and yes I am counting them; This does several good things. First, and this not a pretty thought to me but; digestion starts, this in turn help through out the system which is less fat picked up which converts to less weight gain. It is also great exercise for those puffy cheeks and the2 or 3 chins I have. Allows more time to socialize which I really enjoyed at Pot Luck yesterday. Yes I took my own plate cause you never know what will be there but was not tempted to sample anything. I was busy talking to friends. I still took dishes to share. Remember if you have others in your family have them be the taste testers. Just because you cook something does not mean you have to eat it, and in some cases that may be safer anyway! lol

Water intake was real good yesterday, 80 oz. Today in three (3) hours only 10 oz. not good. Progress is also very important. Here is one I made. Feel free to use if you wish. The title of preoperative should not through you. You can use this for any weight loss journey you are on. It just help to track what you do so if you stall or feel ill you can look back and see what you are doing. Dr. Davis recommends looking at it weekly no matter what. I would also recommend Dr. Dais's book even if you are not thinking of WLS. It has a lot of good ideas about changing to a healthier life style. Here is the Name of the book: "The Expert's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery"
Diet Journal Preoperative

Date:  07/13/201107/19/2011                                                       Name: Tom Simmons                                                                               Age: 50
Week:  3                                                           Weight:   526      Loss:  23      Gain:    2 .    Goal: 450    Still to Go: 76

2 scrambled Eggs w/ cheese
3 oz ground Beef / 1 cp melon  /  *            
½ cp cc
* Oatmeal
1 cp Tuna Salad / 1 tomato
3 plums
5 0z  Ground Beef w/mushrooms
1 cp carrots / 1 cp melon            
2 Eggs Scrambled / T Sausage 3 oz
1 cup melon
1 cp fruit mixed / ½ cp cc
5 oz Steak lean / 1 cp Cauliflower
1 cp Squash / 1 cp melon
Cheese & Spam Omelet
1 cp Fresh Mixed Fruit
6 oz T Steak / 1 cp Broccoli
1 cp Brussels Sprouts / 1 cp melon
8 oz protein shake
5 oz Steak / ½ cp Brussels sprouts
Salad / ½ cp melon
1.5 Boiled Eggs / 1 cp Green Tea
3.52 oz Ground Beef / ½ cp Fruit
2 Msub Dogs / 1 Apple / ½ cc
5 oz Steak / ½ cp Broccoli / Salad ½ cp Turnip / 1 cp melon
2 scrambled eggs / 5 oz turkey ham
1 cp melon



Water Intake in Ounces


Questions:  White Tea vs. Green Tea?
All Breads, Pastas, Sugar & sugar Substitute, Potatoes have been cut out, White rice, (Sugar & Sugar Sub. None added to food or drinks)
Key:  Cp or cp = Cup  /  tsp = teaspoon  /  Tbl = Tablespoon  /  oz = ounce  /  Milk is 1%  /  Cheese is Low Fat  /  F = Fried foods are w/ Olive Oil                                                                                                                    
Msub = meat substitute / cc = Low Fat cottage cheese / Chicken/Turkey are baked, broiled, or boiled / Beef and Fish are baked, broiled grilled                                                                                               
 GB = Green beans / sc = sour cream /  Boiled, Scrambled Eggs = Whites only
Exercise Key: 000 = waling in steps / F = Front / S = Side / Press = over the head / DB = Deep Breathing / FR-S = Foot Rotation & Stretches                                                                   

Well this did not copy right but if you would like a template of it e-mail me and I would be glad to send you one.

Now for the drum roll please. As of this morning I am 31 pounds lighter. It is good to be a loser!

Stress Reducers:
Waking and Other Exercise
Talking to friends
Having Regular Bathroom Visits  

Words Of Wisdom:                                                                                                                 
Do we view old age as a period of decline ending in death, or as an ascent toward the attainment of our goals, toward bringing our life to a rewarding and satisfying conclusion? A subtle difference in our inner attitude can completely transform our experience of these years.

Just so there is no confusion of my intelligence, I get theses words of wisdom from the following Website most of the time:

Have a great day. If you think this is worthy and may help someone please pass it on.

May the LORD continue to Keep you all safe for his glory!