Monday, August 29, 2011

A Peak Into My Month

So I have decided to post my Diary For the month of August to give you a slight peak into my mind and feelings. Like I said this is a open Blog so I have no secrets. This is not every day but will give you some idea of how my days go.

Diary for August 1 thru August 31  2011
Tom Simmons    Age  50

Attitude/Feelings: August 1st-My resolve is as strong as ever. At our church potluck one of my friends told me that my whole attitude is different this time, like nothing is going to stand in my way. That made me feel good that people can actually see my attitude is different.

Pain/Illness: August 1st-Pain in my upper back getting worse. Called for appointment will call in morning to get one tomorrow. Afraid it might be kidneys. Started Physical Therapy again per Dr Adams. No workouts but where they put a patch w/ cortisone on my back. We will see how that works.


Attitude/Feelings: August 2nd-A little frustrated about not being able to exercise after building up to the level I am. It hurts even to do deep breathing. Otherwise I would have to say my attitude is better than ever before. Plateau is broken, headed down again.

Pain/Illness: August 2nd-Went to appointment. PA Mueller Thinks it may be bronchitis, I wish I could get rid of that chain, I get it at least twice a year. Went to DCMH for chest X-Ray. Shot helped relieve pain. Cortisone Patch may actually be helping.


Attitude/Feelings: August 3rd-Woke up at . Feel rested. Attitude is good, continue to journey forward.

Pain/Illness: August 3rd-Back hurting this morning but had a few hours of a lot less pain last night. Off to Physical Therapy for cortisone patch.


Attitude/Feelings: August 4th-Slept in this morning []. A little tired this morning. I have WLS support group tonight. Still getting compliments on weight loss. I can not see it but others can. Went to support group tonight. Regular leader not there but the person who lead out did a good job.

Pain/Illness: August 4th-Doctors office called yesterday looks like I have bronchitis so started antibiotic. Back hurting a little more this morning so I do not know if it was the shot or the patch that helped Tuesday[?]Still having extreme pain in upper back area.

Attitude/Feelings: August 5th-Up and moving, blogged early this am. Blogging is definitely one reason I am being successful this round. Getting it out there in the public’s eye. Friends sometimes are not totally truthful about these types of situations. On the blog I just put it out there. I was very proud of my self today, I went and did my banking and stopped by Oxygen + came home and remembered my scripts so I went back down to Safeway and got the medicine. Decided to shop and was able to complete my shopping [walking] not riding in an electric chair. It has been almost two years since I was able to do that. Yeah for me!

Pain/Illness: August 5th-pain still there in upper back. It gets worse as the day progresses. Sinus problems this am but a squirt of nose spray and I was fine. Taking Avelox for Bronchitis, 3 down 7 to go.


Attitude/Feelings: August 7th-Slept in this morning () but still feel tired even sleepy. Attitude in right place, at another plateau but my resolve is good and I will break through this one too and any others till I hit my goal!

Pain/Illness: August 7th-Pain not to bad. This upper back pain has me confused though, bronchitis?

Attitude/Feelings: August 8th-Woke up early (). Went for my walk before Physical Therapy. Used Bike at PT and did 100 steps there. I get a chuckle out of that because I am a far away from the recommended 10,000. But doing what I can until I hit that mark. Things went well today very little stress. Everyone getting along.

Pain/Illness: August 8th-Pretty much the same back / hip pain. Using Tenz machine helps a little on the back but hips still hurt to the point of limping. I staggered a little today when walking because the pain gets so bad at times I will lose my balance.


Attitude/Feelings: August 9th-Woke up feeling good and rested. Started getting sleepy around . Did my exercise + and walked. Breathing seems to be getting better, hope that means bronchitis is going away. Stress level a little elevated, not bad.

Pain/Illness: August 9th-Hips bothering me today. Tenz machine defiantly helps back when walking. A slight headache this morning.


Attitude/Feelings: August 10th-Up early but slow getting started. Sore the morning but moving. Stress level OK, maybe a little elevated. A wise man once said, “You can pick your friends but you are stuck with family.”

Pain/Illness: August 10th-Feeling a little better today. Cortisone patches may be helping. Bad thing is only have two more I can take. 6 is the limit. A little stuffed up this morning but breathing is better.


Attitude/Feelings: August 11th-A little tired but not as bad as other sleep studies. Not really looking forward to the trip back to delta but turned out to be a nice trip. Got some nice pictures of the sun rise, cool morning so was able to drive with window down and no air conditioner.

Pain/Illness: August 11th-Used my Tenz machine driving back so pain not to bad. Sleeping in that hospital bed did not help. Very sore and weak today.


Attitude/Feelings: August 12-Woke up early, . Had a hard time getting going this morning. Tech told me yesterday my pressure on C-pap was too high which causers me to wake several times also.

Pain/Illness: August 12-Sore and a slight headache probably caused by high pressure.


Attitude/Feelings: August 13-Have a headache this morning. Tired, will be glad to get this C-pap set to the right pressure. Moving slow getting ready for church.

Pain/Illness: August 13-Headache, mid way of back very sore this morning and lower back hurts more this morning,


Attitude/Feelings: August 14-Upset at scale reading this morning but went for a walk and set out to correct problem. I believe it might be adding back sugar subs, going to cut them out and see. I am not tired I am literally exhausted. Do not understand why.

Pain/Illness: August 14-Same old pain and a slight headache this am. Completed series of antibiotic. Upper back still hurting, but not as bad. Very Lethargic, Kind of light headed. Laid down .

Attitude/Feelings: August 15-Not feeling well. Temp 102

Pain/Illness: August 15-


August 16 thru 19 hospitalized


Attitude/Feelings: August 24-Feeling better this morning. Getting ready for phy therapy. Went shopping while out. A little to much.

Pain/Illness: August 24-Not feeling so well after shopping. Weak, light headed and a little off balance. Very weak feeling.


Attitude/Feelings: August 25-Woke up much clearer this morning. Feeling better. No headache. Spirits up today.

Pain/Illness: August 25-Must be getting over illness. Thoughts are clear today not foggy like yesterday. No mentionable pain today. Down 62 pounds.


Attitude/Feelings: August 26-Feeling good this am. Went to PT for cortisone patch. Talking about more patches or electro therapy.

Pain/Illness: August 26-No pain to speak of. Feeling better over all, sinus symptoms.


Attitude/Feelings: August 29-Slept in again. Not sleeping at night again. Getting to sleep around 3 or . Aggravating after doing so well before hospital.

Pain/Illness: August 29-Went for walk around . Since I slept in and missed morning walk I doubled this one. Now not feeling well at all. Cold and hot, light headed, feel like I can not get enough air. Maybe to much to soon?


Hope you didn't fall asleep but then maybe that is what you needed. lol

Stress Reducers: 
Listen to your body
Exercise but don't overdo

Words of Wisdom:
No matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideals, or how high our hopes, ultimately we need courage to make them a reality. Without action, it’s as if they never existed.

May The Lord Bless And Keep Yo For His Glory


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