Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Long But Interesting Day

Well today was a long day. I first attended a funeral where I learned somethings I did not  know about Ms Marjorie. Here are just a few. President T. Roosevelt was in office, Coffee was 12 cents a pound, Eggs were 14 cents a dozen. There many others but I like learning from our elders. If you ever get the chance to sit and talk with someone in there 70's on up take it. You will learn amazing thins. I once had a friend who was around when Billy the Kid was running wild and he made a whopping 1 dollar a day working on a farm. He could never understand how anyone could be worth 100 dollars a week little own a day.

Then I went to the opthomoligist to get some laser touch up on my left eye. It is amazing what they do now. One little drop to numb the eye then laser time. did not feel a thing and only took 5 min. Then it was of to my regular Doc to help with a little problem. That problem is gone now. So yes it was an active busy day. the good news is I have no appointments tomorrow yea!

So I want to recommend a book to you all whether you are contemplating WLS or just want to support someone else or you are just interested. The title is The Expert's Guide To Weight-Loss Surgery. By Dr Garth Davis. It is by the same person who with his father did the show on TLC called "Big Medicine". It is an amazing book. It tells you just about everything you would want to know about WLS and more. Check it out, you will not be sorry.

Stress Reducers:
Solving a medical issue
Having a medical team who honestly cares
Reading a good book

Words of Wisdom:
No two snowflakes are the same, so why would a person be. Don't get discouraged. Life is trial and error. Try and keep trying until YOU find something that works! :)

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


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