Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Hot Day in the Books

Well I think it was hot, I am sure that some of the readers wish it was just this hot where they are. Time for an update, I went to the pulmonary Doctor yesterday and I now have another inhaler I have to use. Not a replacement but a third inhaler. But the good news is that as far as I know I am completely green lighted for surgery by all the physicians I saw. So it is just a matter of getting the weight down to 450 or less. I am still on target for a late October date.

I think I will take four days and explain, to my knowledge; what WLS's are available. If you are considering WLS there is a lot that goes into making a decision what surgery is best for you. Talk with your bariatric surgeon and staff. Ask question, do research on your own. With the web sites available there are an enormous amount of information out there. Just remember your doctor and staff are the best place to turn for good, solid information. (as with everything take what you read on the Internet with a grain of salt. I guarantee their are those out there who, if you gave them a ton of gold; could write something negative about it.)

So the four surgery's that I looked at, and are the only ones I know about; are 1. The Lap-Band, 2. Gastric Bypass, 3. The Duodenal Switch, and 4. The Sleeve.

The Lap-Band  or "The Band"

So today I will give you some information as I understand it about the lAP-Band. [Please remember I am not a doctor and therefor am not telling you anything that is medical to my knowledge] The "Band" is a devise that they place around the top part of your stomach. There is a line that runs down that to a injection port placed just under the skin. This is where they fill or remove the saline solution that tighten or loosens the band. The band can be removed if there are complication, which are rare these days. After you are successful the band can be left in and just deflated. That way if you start to gain weight again the band can be refilled. I personally think you should not think of that as a wild card to eat what ever because you can always have it filled again. By this time I think that if you were successful you have also learned how to eat right and not revert to old ways of eating. The band can slip and have to be repositioned but again this is a low rate of incidents. You may be thinking that sound like that's the one but hold on. While the band is a great tool it just does not work well with people of extreme sizes. Again the surgeon you talk to can give you all the information you need.  Now I happen to know there are some of you that are reading this that have had the "band" so please if I have miss stated something or you have something to add please let me know. I still highly suggest Reading "The Expert's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery", Dr Davis covers all four surgeries in much better detail.

Stress Reducers:
Not letting what others say behind your back bother you. My beleif is if you can't say it to my face then it's not worth saying.

Believing in yourself. Even when others do not!

Stop, Look, Listen, and think before eating. You will not have to be upset with your self if you either don't eat it or decide to eat it but in moderation. "Wise Eating"

Words of Wisdom:
Each time you fall down, just get back up. If you can pick yourself up, you can also move forward.

I pray that the Lord Takes each step with you in what ever you are doing!


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