Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Exhausting Day

Hello All:
It has been a active day for me. I went to Grand Junction to take a young man down for testing. While he did that I went to the Park and walked. GJ is about 40 miles away so round trip is about 80. For my back that was a lot but then I went to Pathfinder meeting. (like boy scouts) at our church. There was a time that would be nothing but moving this weight around takes its toll. The heat does not help but I did it and enough pity party.

So it has been awhile since I talked about my "Diet". I realy hate that word but it is one that everyone is familiar with so there you go. About 4 months ago I started on this journey. The first month my heart just was not in it. Then the third month I started getting motivated. Having and great doctor (PA) helps. anyway during the second month I went to a WLS seminar then a couple weeks later I went to the Life Center and met with the bariatric team. I met Dr. Hanly and it just went from there like wild fire. The second month I had tried harder and lost some weight, About 18 pounds. But I am finish up my forth month and I am down 38 pounds. I weighed in at 531 at the clinic. So since that first official meeting I have lost 20 more pounds. I have to get down to 450 just to make things safer, not safe but safer. So my goal is to be 509 by the 27th of this month when I see by PCP. I have a good chance of doing that. at that weight I will have lost 40 pounds with only 59 to go. some may say 50 but remember I have lost 38 in basicly a little over two months. My short term goal is to be ready for surgery in October. So that gives me two to two and a half months to go. I am going to give it a fighter try, but it is always safe to have a long term goal just in case the short term does not work out. I have been trying to do this for over six years and the insurances I had refused to pay But I beleive the Lord was waiting for the right time If I had done so ealier I would have to travel to either Denver or Salt Lake. If there was a problem after getting homr that is a long trip for help. Now St Mary's Hospital has a great bariatric clinic. It has been in the making just in the last two or three years. Now they have the doctors for the type of surgery I need and I have the insurance that will pay for it. If there is a problem I am a short ride away or if is extreamlly life threatening I am on a few minutes by helicopter. So you see why I believe the Lord worked it all out. 

Well I am tired so I am going nighty nite. But before I go I am going to post Dr. Hanly's proffessional and personal bios. tack a few minutes to read them and you will see why I think what I think.

May the Lord keep you all


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