Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day Of Success

Well another day of success! You know this has been much easier this time. Oh yes I am a product of diet after diet after that four letter word "diet". Just a few were: The Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, Slim Fast, Dexatrim, Nutrisystem etc. I am not saying these don't work they just did not work for me. Nutrisystem did work fairly well, I lost weight in my body and in my wallet. So the thing is, watch out here comes some unsolicited advise: watch you portion size, keep your fat grams down make sure you are getting 60-70 grams of protein and eat good carbs. Good carbs are green veggies for the most part. The best thing is read the labels. That is what I am doing now. After reading some of that stuff you won't want to eat it. Just eat as healthy as you can afford. Try to cut out all added sugar, cut down on consumption of sugar substitutes, and starches. Yup that means potatoes, pastas, bread, deserts, drinks etc.

I am almost done with all my preop appointments. I have one more on the 27th and I have it all done except losing down to 450 #'s. While we are there I am down 36 #'s and going down. You may ask if you can lose weight like that why have the surgery? Well the fact is I can not maintain the kind of loss. I am praying I can get down to 450 before my body freaks out and starts storing fat. My body does strange things when I start losing a lot of weight like bleeding. I bleed in areas that make it hard to medicate like my belly button. I told you it was strange.

I would like to answer a question that I asked at the seminar and I heard it again yesterday on another blog I follow <Heart on my Sleeve> Here is the web site if you want to check it out. Tracy had the sleeve surgery like I am going to have. 


Now for the question: "Why can't you just eat the small amount of food like you do after the surgery? The answer is self evident but the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask!
Answer: Your body was created as a perfect working creature. Through time it has broken down and now today if you don't feed it enough every thing you do eat is stored as fat. (it thinks your starving) Your brain is very smart, it reads things like sugar so it puts out insulin, it reads pain, pleasure you get the idea. So if you had a "normal" stomach and you only ate a cup of food (8 oz) a meal it would go into overdrive and start storing fat plus I do not know anyone who could eat that little bit and not cause other problems. Malnutrition being one. Have you ever been around a person who has not had much to eat for a few days. They are pretty testy, I wouldn't want to have to live with them. My understanding is by having the small stomach, the sleeve is about 4 oz; your brain thinks your your full. So there is no growling stomach or hunger pains to make you edgy. The thing to remember is this is an individuals decision, they have to live the rest of their lives, the sleeve is non reversible; but the chances are with the successful person they will have a much longer life to live. (Please remember these are my opinions not medical fact.)

Wow I did not think I would be able to write much but when I start it just keeps on rolling.

Stress Reducers:
Reading the Bible
Learning something New

Words of Wisdom:
Read or listen closely. You never know what you may learn!

May the LORD Bless you all in your walk with HIM!


If you have a question or idea for stress reduction or maybe a recipe please share. put it in the comment area. Most people have a Google account anymore but if you don't and you have an email it is quick and easy to do. I look forward to Hearing from you. (Do not think your comment did not take, I have it set where I have to approve all comments before there posted. My way of making sure nothing offensive get put up for everyone to see.)

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