Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Calm Day / Good News

So I found this site on headaches. So I decided to put the link here for anyone who suffers with headaches. It my help or give you some ideas.

I heard back from my Gastroenteroligist today. The biopsy's he took were all negative and he said he saw no problems with the surgery I have chosen. YEA! So let me explain how this came about. As usual I was to heavy for the table to do an upper GI, that is where you drink the barium and they watch through the X-ray. So I had to do an EGD, that is where they anathematize you and when your good and asleep they put a camera down your throat into the stomach and look around. They also put an airway in just encase some stomach acid comes up it will not go into the lungs. The camera is about the size of your little finger. So one minute he is saying take a deep breath and the next thing you know is the nurse saying wake up. Easy right, for the most part it is. Side effects are: you will have a sore throat for two (2) to three (3) days. The other side effect is: when you are very large, fat cells absorb the Medicine they use to put you under. It is a narcotic and therefore when it leaves your body it can cause some discomfort. Now I do want to stress this information came first hand and explained by the anaesthesiologist. So I was very sore for about three (3) days. Now again remember everyone is different and what effected me may not effect you at all. I felt like I swam the English Channel. Muscle soreness not joints, I will also say that I have had four (4) or five (5) procedures where I was out and this is the first time it effected me this way. So partly because of size, part because of my low activity these last two (2) years and yes part to do with age also. At 50 you do not bounce back so quickly. But it was worth it and know I know for sure the stomach will be fine for surgery.

Stress Reducers:
Listening to Delightful Music
Setting in the Sun

 Words of Advise:
so instead of wisdom I am going to give some advise. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. I purchased some stuff that I thought if it worked it would help me get to 450. Well it does not work and I am out $90 dollars. Do not fall for the "magic Pill or Powder" ads. Save your money and work close with your doctors.  The other is I lost my pedometer so I ordered a new one from the Internet. Sounded good and was their best seller at $6 dollars w/free shipping. Well my usual 420 step walk registered 60 steps. Do I have to say more. I may learn someday hey! 

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


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