Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Day After / A Mayo Clinic Advice Artical

Well Hello There. I have been busy busy busy. I had the EGD and all looks good. A couple small erosion sites that they took biopsys of but otherwise looks good for surgery. I did the Phsycological testing. Not much to that, a lot of questions. Takes about 2 hours. Had my trusty water bottle. The EGD made my throut sore so I missed my Weight management class so will start that July 19th. I had my 3 month check up with my primary doctor, things looking better there also. So not everyone that has bariatic surgery has the same tests but if you are reading I hope you get the idea of what the tests I have are like. So the EGD was interesting as the explained they stick a line about the size of your little finger down in your stomach, you are sadated so you remember none of this. They look at the stomach and pat of the small intestine. They also can do an upper GI, But at my size once again the did not have a bed that would support my weight. The bed they had for me was a air cushion. Very nice and comfy. So from check in to leaving was about 2 1/2 hors. Not bad at all. So they also did anECHO today at the DCMH. Tomorrow is the actual psyc eval and then a weight loss support group tomorrow night. Then only three (3) more appointments and its all up to me to get the weight down. I am shooting for end of September or First of October. That part is on me, but I am still highly motivated and doing well, as of today I have lost 26 pounds which means I have 73 to go.

Stress Reducers:
Having Faith
Self Acomplishments
Talking to good Friends

Here is a little advice from the Mayo Clinic:

Diet plans
When it comes to weight loss, there's no shortage of diet plans. Check any magazine rack, and you're bound to see the latest and greatest diet plans. But how do you know if a diet plan fits your needs and lifestyle? Ask yourself these questions about any diet plan you're considering:
  • Does it include various foods from the major food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein sources, nuts and seeds?
  • Does it include foods you like and that you would enjoy eating for a lifetime — not just for several weeks or months?
  • Can you easily find these food in your local grocery store?
  • Will you be able to eat your favorite foods, or better yet, all foods?
  • Does it fit your lifestyle and budget?
  • Does it include proper amounts of nutrients and calories to help you lose weight safely and effectively?
  • Is regular physical activity part of the plan?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, keep looking. There are better diet plans out there for you.

Words Of WisdomL

Individuals who feel needed and strive on behalf of others remain youthful and energetic. They can transform a community, making it a warm and welcoming place to live.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all.


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