Friday, July 22, 2011

Causing Trouble For Ones Self

You know that feeling you get in your stomach that says STOP don't do that. Well I did it anyway and know I am upset with myself. No it wasn't about food. I was looking for an address of someone and up pops this ad for "MyLife" so I looked and I thought it said $14.95 but it said $149.50? I felt like no but for $14.95 what can it hurt? Well luckily I looked a my account and saw what had happened. I called and the refunded 128.50 So I maybe learned my lesson. If you think you might want to try something take a couple days and think about it.

I just want to send out a sympathy note to all my nieces, nephews, and all the relatives of my Brother-in-Law Joe Ward. He Passed late last night, He had been battling Cancer.

Well here is an interesting article from Bariatric Advantage, it is titled: “Eat Less and Exercise More”—It’s Not That Simple
 Here is the link, it is worth checking out.

You probably noticed I cut the ads. not all went away but I just did not agree with some of the ads claiming miracles for low prices. Kind of like a magic pill. I do not condone those ads so why have them here. The small one I can't seem to get rid of yet. Believe me if there was a "magic pill" I would have found it by now. This is hard work no matter what you do. If you are doing WLS don't dare let anyone make you think this is the easy way out, are you kidding me. This is a tool that if used properly will help "YOU" get healthier.

Stress Reducers:
Believing in Yourself

May The Lord Continue To Bless You All!


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