Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Fresh Day / When It Is A Good Thing To Be A Loser

Hello All:
It is a beautiful Day here in Western Colorado. When I figure it out I will post some pics my friend took yesterday.

Let us talk about eating, speed and chewing. I have slowed my pace way down, most days; and I can tell the difference between slow and fast. When I take 15 t0 20 minutes to eat, sometimes 30; I get full before the plate is empty. When I feel full I stop. That is breaking another habit to. "Always clean your plate." By chewing your food well, I am talking 32 chews or more and yes I am counting them; This does several good things. First, and this not a pretty thought to me but; digestion starts, this in turn help through out the system which is less fat picked up which converts to less weight gain. It is also great exercise for those puffy cheeks and the2 or 3 chins I have. Allows more time to socialize which I really enjoyed at Pot Luck yesterday. Yes I took my own plate cause you never know what will be there but was not tempted to sample anything. I was busy talking to friends. I still took dishes to share. Remember if you have others in your family have them be the taste testers. Just because you cook something does not mean you have to eat it, and in some cases that may be safer anyway! lol

Water intake was real good yesterday, 80 oz. Today in three (3) hours only 10 oz. not good. Progress is also very important. Here is one I made. Feel free to use if you wish. The title of preoperative should not through you. You can use this for any weight loss journey you are on. It just help to track what you do so if you stall or feel ill you can look back and see what you are doing. Dr. Davis recommends looking at it weekly no matter what. I would also recommend Dr. Dais's book even if you are not thinking of WLS. It has a lot of good ideas about changing to a healthier life style. Here is the Name of the book: "The Expert's Guide To Weight Loss Surgery"
Diet Journal Preoperative

Date:  07/13/201107/19/2011                                                       Name: Tom Simmons                                                                               Age: 50
Week:  3                                                           Weight:   526      Loss:  23      Gain:    2 .    Goal: 450    Still to Go: 76

2 scrambled Eggs w/ cheese
3 oz ground Beef / 1 cp melon  /  *            
½ cp cc
* Oatmeal
1 cp Tuna Salad / 1 tomato
3 plums
5 0z  Ground Beef w/mushrooms
1 cp carrots / 1 cp melon            
2 Eggs Scrambled / T Sausage 3 oz
1 cup melon
1 cp fruit mixed / ½ cp cc
5 oz Steak lean / 1 cp Cauliflower
1 cp Squash / 1 cp melon
Cheese & Spam Omelet
1 cp Fresh Mixed Fruit
6 oz T Steak / 1 cp Broccoli
1 cp Brussels Sprouts / 1 cp melon
8 oz protein shake
5 oz Steak / ½ cp Brussels sprouts
Salad / ½ cp melon
1.5 Boiled Eggs / 1 cp Green Tea
3.52 oz Ground Beef / ½ cp Fruit
2 Msub Dogs / 1 Apple / ½ cc
5 oz Steak / ½ cp Broccoli / Salad ½ cp Turnip / 1 cp melon
2 scrambled eggs / 5 oz turkey ham
1 cp melon



Water Intake in Ounces


Questions:  White Tea vs. Green Tea?
All Breads, Pastas, Sugar & sugar Substitute, Potatoes have been cut out, White rice, (Sugar & Sugar Sub. None added to food or drinks)
Key:  Cp or cp = Cup  /  tsp = teaspoon  /  Tbl = Tablespoon  /  oz = ounce  /  Milk is 1%  /  Cheese is Low Fat  /  F = Fried foods are w/ Olive Oil                                                                                                                    
Msub = meat substitute / cc = Low Fat cottage cheese / Chicken/Turkey are baked, broiled, or boiled / Beef and Fish are baked, broiled grilled                                                                                               
 GB = Green beans / sc = sour cream /  Boiled, Scrambled Eggs = Whites only
Exercise Key: 000 = waling in steps / F = Front / S = Side / Press = over the head / DB = Deep Breathing / FR-S = Foot Rotation & Stretches                                                                   

Well this did not copy right but if you would like a template of it e-mail me and I would be glad to send you one.

Now for the drum roll please. As of this morning I am 31 pounds lighter. It is good to be a loser!

Stress Reducers:
Waking and Other Exercise
Talking to friends
Having Regular Bathroom Visits  

Words Of Wisdom:                                                                                                                 
Do we view old age as a period of decline ending in death, or as an ascent toward the attainment of our goals, toward bringing our life to a rewarding and satisfying conclusion? A subtle difference in our inner attitude can completely transform our experience of these years.

Just so there is no confusion of my intelligence, I get theses words of wisdom from the following Website most of the time:

Have a great day. If you think this is worthy and may help someone please pass it on.

May the LORD continue to Keep you all safe for his glory!


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