Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Down

That is 2 day down 8 to go. Not much going on this week except Thursday. I have pre op testing and post op class on what to expect after surgery. So just stay on course eat the right things and get in some exercise. 

Not a lot to say today. Was watching an interesting program called endgame. Was on only three episodes but was a pretty good show. Why is it if they find a decent show without cursing and nude bodies flying around the cancel it before the first season ends. The human mentality is definably strange!

So I pray that your journey is on track and that you find your life fulfilled.

Here is a little something I heard about but have not tried. When you have left over pizza take the toppings and mix it with egg and cook. Sounds strange but good. Especially if you have had surgery and can not eat the bread part. For us pizza lovers that may be the fix and who knows, the next craze!

Stress Reducers:
Think Positive
Accept what life gives you with a smile
Tomorrow (Monday) do one nice thing for a stranger!

Words of Wisdom:
Before you strike out on the road of revenge, dig two graves!

May the Lord comfort you in your greatest hour of need!


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