Friday, January 27, 2012

Set Back but Not Defeated (UPDATE)

Well I finished all the testing and paperwork for the surgery today. All is approved and ready to rock and roll. But there was a mix up on the scandalizing so I will not be having surgery on the 31st as planned. It will be sometime in Feb but do not have a solid date yet. So onward we travel on this journey. If it did not have any bumps or twists it would not be very interesting would it? 

Weight loss as of yesterday morning was 134 pounds. Not bad for a year hey. Was it easy  NO. Was it worth it  Absolutely.  It only gets better from here, so hang on and continue this little journey with me!

As of approx 10 am MST(North America) I will be having surgery on Feb 2nd at 11:15 AM. That was some pretty fancy foot work there!

Take Care and God Bless


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