Monday, January 16, 2012

One Step Closer

Well I would like to have a solid date of surgery to share but I do have a possible date. ( Jan 31st) The good news is that all is done except a pre op class on what to expect after surgery and a meeting with the financial folks.

The really great news is that I have officially lost 127.5 pounds since January 2011. I will be having the Sleeve surgery. Here is a video on the surgery if you want to check it out. (if you are not squeamish). Not for you Marni. lol

So we are almost there. Seems like a long journey but we are coming up quickly on the end of the first stage. Then it is off and running on the second stage. Other than that not a lot to say. It has been hard the last two months. The scale has been up and down never getting anywhere much. But with the surgery it will give me the tool I need to push through and finish the journey with success. But not finished because I know I have an eating disorder and just like those with drug or alcohol addictions you can slip back and end up worse than when you started. So it is vigilance and a continued life change for the rest of my life.

As I have said before here, surgery is not the magic pill. There is still a lot of work to be done but I know I can accomplish this and who knows. Maybe you will see me out there teaching others and sharing what I did to succeed.

Stress Relievers:  
Talking to someone

Words of Wisdom:
Complaining? A wise man once said; I use to complain about my shoes until I saw a man with no feet. Remember no matter how bad you think it is there is at least one person who has had it worse!

As always May the LORD guide your steps on your journey, what ever it is.

Until next time

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