Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stranger Than Life

Talk about Feeling strange, I started getting this real bad feeling last night almost black that this surgery was not going to end well. I don't know why but it is gone today. Was really freaking me out for a while. I know there are risks and for me high risks but I think my sister hit the nail on the head when she said, "there comes a time when you become tired of being fat". That's the truth.

So I could back out but I am not. I know this is my chance to get healthier and maybe the last chance. So I wait to here from the clinic. Sounds like more tests have to be done, another EKG, blood work and a couple others. So we sojourn forward ever forward, diligent and ever faithful that this is the best for me.

So now I will add, I got the notice this afternoon. I start the preop diet on Jan 21, I have my preop class and appointments on the 26 and the surgery on Jan 31st. So we are officially of to the races. Hooray 


  1. Awsome! Way to go, Tom! So proud of you my friend... you have worked so hard just to get to this point, I know you will be successful! We will be keeping you in our prayers and please let us know if you need anything!!!
    All the best, Ken & Julie Hall

  2. I wish you luck Tom...I had the same surgery on 10/11/2001...even though there are many risk with this surgery they have made alot of improvements since I had is a hard recovery...please stay strong and everything will turn out great...once you start dropping the wait it will be worth it...take care...Trish Palleschi

  3. Just a big thank you to both of you. I am a little nervous but know it will be ok. Do not know what happened yesterday. forgot to blog. Duh!