Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 Day and Counting

Here we go. I started a clear liquid regiment today. Will continue tomorrow and then nothing for 24 hours starting at midnight. I have to admit that Broth of any kind is not my favorite but this Campbell s Chicken is not half bad. I found out yesterday that Dry low fat milk is a great source of Whey protein. I was looking for unflavored in the stores yesterday and could find none so I called the Clinic and The RD told me about that. That was great because I have about 3 or 4  bags of that in the pantry. Yeah me. 

Don't forget about the walk a thon coming this spring in Grand Jct, CO. I should have more details to post tomorrow. I will also add it to my permanent reminders on the side. 

So when I got on the scale this am I was at 436 which is not bad. that makes a total of 135 pounds in 13 months. That is over 1/3 of the way. 

So my plans are as follows:
follow the doctors orders: low activity, walking. 
then about 4 weeks after surgery, I hope, I will get my 1 year membership at the rec center started. The physical Adviser/Trainer from the clinic will come down and help me set up a exercise routine. Thank Coleen. 
follow the eating schedule. protein first. 
keep all doctor appointments and follow ups. 

I think I am more excited than nervous at this point. I know it is a lot better feeling than I had when the surgery was scheduled for the 31st. Just have to know God had his reasons for postponing it for 2 days. 

Well take care. I will be back tomorrow with more info.

Take care and Take GOD!


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