Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just another day

Yup just another day here in Siberia. Where did this cold weather come from. Come on spring. LOL

Did well today ate my food and exercise. legs were really burning today. Back has been hurting a little more the past couple of weeks. That will be my next major project on this journey to fix what I broke. 

So I was thinking about some tips to help get through:

     Don't let your mind over ride you will. My brain will tell me it is OK you can lose it if you eat that "what ever" . The truth is yes I could but why. Why lose 20 pounds just to show a 5 pound loss on the scale? 

     Giving in to these urgings become habit real quick and before you know it, bam your right back where you started. 

     Reward yourself when you breakthrough one of these mind warping experiences. Go to a movie. Go for a walk. buy a new piece of clothing or electronics. what ever you can afford do it. don't miss a chance to reward the good behavior. We do it for others so why not ourselves. 

     Believe in yourself! Don't listen to the negative. There is plenty of it around. My Doc said one of her New Years resolutions was to be around more positive people. That sounds like a win-win to me!

Stress Relievers: 
Deep Breathing exercises
Reward self

Words of wisdom:
When ever you think your at the lowest point you can get, look up, for you have always had a protector looking after you! Believe.

May The Lord Bless and Keep you All!


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