Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Day

Well I started the day off on the run. I had to be in Grand Jct by 10:45 am for a MRI on my back but the great news is that I am lite enough to do it. :) Now maybe I can get a straight answer on what really is wrong with it. I am making plans to return to school in Sept. If you would have asked me a few years ago where I would be today it would not be having had bariatric surgery, losing weight, and planning on returning to school. But hey it is not my plans it is God's so this I will follow. :)

Never had an MRI before and it was an experience I really would not want again. 45 min of laying real still on a slab with jack hammers going off around you. Yeah! but it will be worth it. I weighed in at the clinic at 415 today so that is officially  156 pounds. It is also officially the litest I have weighed in over 15 years. Yeah for me.

I am collecting for the walk a thon and am off to a great start but really want to reach that $500 goal so if you can please help out. A $1 is a $1! So help with what ever you can.

Appreciation list:
Bill & Donna
Ron & Lois
Roger & Julie & Bible Study Group

I pray you all have a great Day Blessed in God's Abundance!


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