Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 Days post surgey

Well I am 3 weeks post surgery and the best thing at this point is 1 more week and I can drive again. I can not wait!!!!

Yups I thought today was Wednesday. Guess I am ahead of myself a little. Any way! Have you checked into the Walk Away from Obesity site yet. Hope so. Check it out if you have not and see if there is a walk a thon or any other event in your area. March 24th will be a walk a thon in Orchard Mesa for all you locals. I hope to see a lot of you there. there is a flyer attached to this blog for more information. It is for a great cause and a great way to get some good walking in also. 

All is going well today. getting my walking in and eating what I should. Drinking the fluids, and following the doctors orders. As long as I stay on track and do not stray I will have this battle on the run. I know that it is a content thought process and physical work, but I will succeed because I have the greatest support system anyone could have. I watched a bit of this program call 600 pound something and it is about people who were morbidly obese and had bariatric surgery. Some of the largest to have the surgery. It was amazing to me at this point that this one guy had gained back 200 pounds of what he had lost. He was at 420 pounds and in a wheel chair because he could not walk. It was a little agitating to me to see someone go so far to give up and start gaining the weight back. I know it can happen but why go through this and then just give up. I hope I never understand. That is that I do not fall back but I do not think I will because of one thing. Dr Hanly does not just do the surgery. You have to go through a lot of preliminary things and the biggest is the mental preparation you go through. Like I have said before and will again several times, the surgery is not a magic bullet. you do not just have the surgery and poof you lose the weight and do not have to deal with anything you did before. As a matter of fact the chance of dealing with more issues are the reality. You have to especially watch what you eat, drink and you have to exercise. If that is a magic pill you have a weird definition of "magic". 

So I guess I say all of this to say this. If you are fighting a battle of any kind you should find help dealing with the mental aspect of the problem. Because in most circumstances it is the mental piece that got you to where you are now. Get the HELP!

Have a great day.

May the LORD continue to bless and guide you all daily. 


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