Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carbs, What is What? SAY WHAT?

So today I am going to write about carbohydrates, yes that is right; the "dreaded carbs" good, bad, and indifferent. Also I want to let you know that I am changing internet providers so I may be down for a short while. So be patient, I will be back! A little history here, General MacArthur is credited for saying this when he was forced to leave the Philippines during WW II. But Most people today know that Arnold Schwarzenegger said it in Terminator and do not know who General MacArthur is. Does that say anything about our society today?

OK know down to bushiness. Today I had but another review by my caseworker to see if I still needed Ins through the county. His judgment was yes so I will have Medicaid until November. So that is good. But I say that for this, He was amazed at how much weight I had lost in the last 15 months, 175 pounds. So like everyone else they ask, "How did you do it?" Well if you have been reading this you know I had Bariatric Surgery on Feb 2, 2012. Since that day I have lost 36 pounds. But the rest (139) I did by changing what and how I ate. Is this a sure fire plan you can follow and have the same results. I would hope so but you are not gullible people. So know that every ones body is different. So you may lose slower and less or faster and more but I am sure you will lose. Cutting Bad carbs is a piece of that puzzle. So here are some tips. Think White. Your white foods are usually higher in carbs. Let's start with potatoes. 1 cup of mashed potatoes with a tab of butter is 35 carbs. But i love potatoes and could not cut them out. I would ask which is more important, the potatoes or your health. If you say potatoes you can stop reading know because you are not ready to lose weight. I know you have heard about baked potato "diets:. The more a potato is broken down, cooked the less nutritional it is and the more carbs there are, a white food that can be used is Cauliflower. One cup of cauliflower is 6 G carb. 35 vs 6. See where this is going. So here is a list of "bad" vs "good".

Chowder (clam or corn   (depending on amount of potato and corn used) average around 50 g cabs per cup - BAD

Chicken w/wild or brown rice soup  (not noodle) 1 cup around 5 grams - Good

White Bread (and "whole wheat Breads" are about the same.

"Whole Grains Bread is better and cutting bread out completely is the best. I know, I use to eat with a fork in one hand and bread in the other but I quit cold turkey so it can be done. You are starting to lose weight at this point.

White Rice (also known as sticky rice) Bad

Brown rice or wild rice better

No Rice Best

Succotash, made famous by Sylvester the cat, with all the kitchen sink thrown in is around 47 g of carbs. Lima beans one of the ingreadeant is is 18 g of carbs vs the same size serving of edamame (green soy bean) is 6 g of carbs.

Here is one last tip for today: Burgers, instead of using a bun roast some portobella mushroom and use as a bun. 

Cut out all soda pop. Regular or diet. drink crystal light or equivalent. or plain ole
Adams Ale (Water).

Remember you are not going to eat what you do nopt like so ook for alteratives. find low carb items that work for you. Go by this rule, in most cases green is good. Next time we talk good vs bad carbs in reference to fruit.

Words of Wisdom:
A journey starts with just one step. What will yours be?

Continued success and Gods blessings upon you and your house.


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