Monday, April 2, 2012

Things are changing here

Hi all. As you can tell I have not been here for a week or so. I have been working on getting a website set up and getting some sponsors for this blog and my we site called. Second Chances. I thought I was some what technically educated but not really I have found out. so be patient with me. Things will be better all the way around and much more helpful to. Hope you all are doing well. 

Just a quick update. The walk a thon was a great success. The walk earned $10 thousand. I walked the entire three miles. I was also interviewed on the local new channel. I am trying to get a copy to download here. I am under 400 pounds now. As a recap I started on this life changing decision on January 2011. To date I have lost 175 pounds. 31 pounds 35 pounds since the surgery on Feb 2 2012. So things are on track and going well. Great news announcement Is that I am now off my diabetes med, sleep aid med, and High cholesterol med. 

So if you ask me is it worth it. I would say with resounding confidence, YES!


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