Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fast Food = Fast weight GAIN!

So I came across this articular in my newest issue of "Your Weight" which is a publication of OAC (Obesity Action Coalition. If you have not checked this out yet I highly recommend it. Their url is 

So I am going to give you some calorie counts on Fast Food. Remember that in most cases 1200 - 2000 calories is what you are to take in depending on your size and level of activity per DAY. I was told by many Dietician that you should limit your fat intake to 5 g per item. So here we go:

McDonald's Big Mac                  540 Calories   29 grams of fat
Burger King Whopper               670 calories   40 grams of fat
Wendy's Bacon Deluxe Double  880 calories   52 grams of fat
Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande    770 calories   24 grams of fat

That is the sandwich now for the sides:

McDonald's Fries Medium order   380 calories   19 grams of fat
Dairy Queen Onion Rings              360 calories    16 grams of fat
Popeye's (chicken) Coleslaw          260 calories     23 grams of fat

Gotta have a drink right?

Wendy's large Frosty                        540 calories   8 grams of fat
McDonald's Sweet Tea  Large         280 calories   0 grams of fat
Dunkin Donuts Iced Carmel Latte 450 Calories  12 grams of fat

Here is a little thing they forgot to teach us, sugar = fat. 0 grams of fat but a boat load of sugar. My ex use to eat cinnamon bears because they were fat free. well that is what she would tell me anyway. sugar no good. 

So if you ate at McD's and had a big mac, med fries, and sweet Ice tea large you would consume about 1200 calories in one meal. remember the daily total? I know from personal experience that my favorite meal before was a super Sonic Cheeseburger, Sonic sized fries, and a route 44 Coke. any guesses? around 1800 calories. 

Wonder why there is an obesity epidemic? Do Not get me wrong I am not pointing fingers and blaming any of these fast food places. We make the decision, Ronald is not holding a gun on us making us eat there. We as a whole must take control of ourselves and teach our children better too. 

Another statistic I heard is that this generation of young people are the first in a long time to have an average life span shorter than the previous generation, cause, OBESITY!

Well I hope this helps someone make a better decision next time they drive by their favorite Fat Farm. :)


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