Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Recipe On Monday

Where does the time go! I went a picked some fresh vegetables yesterday. It is getting cooler at night so it won't be long till they are froze out. By the time I got around to blog it was already 10:30 pm so I decided to do so today. Now it is a little past two and I am still behind. So I am going to post my Three Bean Chili. This can be made with or without meat so anyone who is a vegetarian will enjoy this also.

             Three Bean Chili

1 pound Ground Turkey or Beef
2 cups Brown/Pinto beans
2 cups Kidney beans
2 cups Ranch style beans
1 can of Italian style chopped tomatoes
1 rounded Tablespoon Bakers Coco
2 Teaspoons of freshly grated Ginger, Powder will do but only about 1 teaspoon. Powder is condensed
1 can chopped tomato /Fresh and skinned will also work
1 small onion, Yellow
1 1/2 packs of Taco Seasoning
Salt & Pepper
If you like hot chili add some hot peppers to you tasted

Precook Meat until done
Place all ingredients into a slow cooker
cook while at work on med or overnight

Serve with tortillas, crackers or what ever you desire
add shredded cheese and sour cream as a garnish if you desire.

1 serving is 1 cup

Calories will very depending what meat you use if any.

A great supper or lunch dish on a chilly or cold day.

May the Good Lord continue to bless and guide you


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