Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rounding Third and Headed Home

Well I am in the home stretch. I have started losing again. Finally!! I have lost 74 pounds. Actually from the very begging of 571 I have lost 96 pounds but I started this blog from the point it became supervised by my medical team. But 94 or 74 WOW that is a lot to lose since the I started.

I received an interesting e-mail today from Chis ...... from the TV program "The weight Loss Edition" I want to say Home Improvement but that was Tim Allen and even though Tim is a supper guy and from Denver by the way, I think you will know what I am rambling about. I had wrote to him about four months ago just to get some ideas for exercise for a person in my predicament. Well he sent me an application to fill out for his program. Now you have to realize that he gets thousands of applications so if I do fill one out it will be a long long shot of getting on.

I once did a video trying to get on "The Biggest Loser" yea that went no where but it was pretty cool that my supervisors boss from Colorado Spring brought his Tech to Delta just to make sure I got the best possible video. They edited it and every thing. If I can find a copy I will post it here just for fun.

So I have 25 pounds to go and I am working on getting it done. I have already made it 3/4 of the way there in about 5 months so I believe I can get this done before the first of the year. My Therapist want me to wait until December anyway so she can work with me and get me ready mentally for this. Oh Yeah I now have a Therapist. More on that later.

So anyway here we are with options, that's new. I do have to say though I still run into the old stigma of being judged by how I look instead of what I can do. I went to Safeway shopping the other day, there is a new young man in our church and I have been trying to find him work. So I asked the manager if they were hiring. She said No. When I told her why I was asking she changed her tune and said have him come in and fill out an application. Now I can not blame her really because I was limping and looked half dead but still, get over it people. Heavy people can work and do most things that anyone else can. OK I am off the soap box now.

Stress Reducers:
Take a nice walk
Deep Breathing

Words of Wisdom:
Look before you leap, there may be crocodiles down there. :O

May the LORD continue to Bless us all.


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