Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fact vs Myth

We are going to look at some Facts vs Myths today. These are my thoughts and words and from what I have learned on this journey so far.

1. People who are overweight are lazy.
     This is a long standing misconseption. Most overweight and obese persons are very active. They work, play, and even exercise. This thought they all we do is lay around and eat is not true. This myth has been around for who knows how long. There are usually underlying factor that you can not see. Stress, Depression, Medication, and many other reasons are accomplices to weight gain. The good news is that doctors are seeing more and more what the cause and effect are and they are starting to treat these problems. I can remember when a doctors response to an overweight person was, "just push away from the table". Gladly those doctors are less and less. If yours still think that way I would suggest finding a new, up to date doctor.

2. Surgery is the easy way out.
     This is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard. Who in their right mind would think going under the knife is easy. I am sure this stems from the old thought that bariatric surgery was "cosmetic" and you only had it done to look better. Those days thankfully are fast going by the way side. The most important thing to remember is that Bariatric surgery is not a magic pill. You don't have the surgery and then set back and poof the weight disappears. You have to eat right, exercise, and work with the bariatric team for this to work. If you are thinking of surgery I advise to find a qualified doctor and have a set down to discuss it or find a seminar in your area. Bariatric surgery works if you work it. It is a tool to use to get the weight off. I have heard of people stretching their stomachs and gaining the weight back. My guess would be this person needs to find what the real problem is and work on it with help. The body and mind are a powerful creation and if we are not working to overcome old habits and problems the surgery will not do that.

3. Bariatric surgery takes a long time to recover from.
     In most cases, there are always exceptions; you are out of hospital in two days. With the Lap Band I heard you don't even have to stay in hospital. Most surgeries are completed by laproscopic surgery now and so there is less chance of deep wound infection because you do not have a deep wound to get infected. Any time you go under the knife there are risks and anyone who tells you otherwise is flat wrong. But in my case the risks are just as high if I do not have surgery to have a heart attack or stroke or a number of different life ending problems.
I can tell you this. my blood pressure has already gone down and my cpap pressure has also lowered so there are benefits to weight loss.

4. It does not matter what you eat.
     I use to believe this little myth myself. You can eat whatever you want and lose weight. Well I can tell you first hand this is not true. One of the biggest weight reduction problems are the multiple companies who are out to only make a buck and could care less about the person who is buying the product. I myself have fallen into this category more than once. The only thing I lost was money. I can tell you for me one of the greatest things I ever did was giving up sugar, added and processed in food as much as possible. I also gave up breads, pastas, and processed  flour goods. I contribute this to a major amount of rapid success I have had. 69 pound in just over 5 months.

5. Some people are just born to be large.
     This is one of the biggest myths of all. You are not born to be large unless you are one of the few born to become a "giant" and those are very few. Even those persons are not always overweight. I know there are times you get discourged. I have been there. Why try? Nothing works? It does not bother me? And many other lies we tell ourselves.

If anything I just want to encourage you to do what it takes to reduce your weight. If not surgery, then whatever works for you. The thing is it is for you and no matter what you have heard you are worth the effort.

May the Lord find your walk with Him pleasing in His sight.


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