Monday, February 4, 2013

New Start (posted Yesterday on other site)

So today was somewhat uneventful. I took one of my clients shopping and running around. She is 82 years old and complains a lot but she is harmless and very alone. In the year that I have known her she mentioned her children for the first time last week. I knew she had some because I had seen the pictures out in her garage when I was cleaning it. But over all she is a nice person. She sure hates President Obama though. I have to laugh because she calls him "President Obumer" LOL
Food wise did not go as well as I would have liked it, But I just can not seem to eat at the right time. I ate breakfast at about 9 am then did not eat again until around 4 pm. So I need to work on that issue asap.
My chest is real sore and I get short of breath real easy. So I hope the cardiologist can figure something out because this is really cutting into exercise. I am taking my meds but my heart rate still gets up to around 145 if I am not careful. It use to be around 50.
I have my one year check up today at 1pm with Dr Hanly. Hard to believe it has been one year since my surgery. I know things are not perfect but I am getting there. One step at a time, inch by inch. "or pound by pound"
So life is not perfect and if it were I would just screw it up so hey, starting out imperfect means there is plenty of room for improvement. :)
To explain the heart issue I ended up in the ER and hospital last Sunday with a heart rate of 238. I never saw so many nurses and doctors move that fast around me. It was not long till they had those numbers down but they would not stabilize so we are still working on that part, ie reason of appointment on the 12th with the cardiologist. So I will keep that part updated as I learn more.
Hope you all have a great Sunday and start your Monday with many blessings. Take care until later.
Thought for the moment: Life can be hard so smile even when you feel like crying. :)

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