Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day

Well I got the results from all the blood tests of late and everything is still looking good. cholesterol a little high but not bad 134 I think. everything looked really good. So why do I feel like Yuk! tired all the time, foggy, ringing in the ears and headache.

So today is Wednesday, the middle of a work week. But not much to crow about today. Things pretty slow here today. not much to write about personally.

So when you get so hungry that everything looks great but nothing satisfies, what do you do.. They say to drink water first because sometimes hunger pains can be a sign of needed to hydrate. But you do that and still are hungry what are you tricks for getting through. let me hear what you have to say here.

Thought for the moment:
never go to bed angry. work out and set a plan to overcome this issue before retiring. you will sleep better and wake refreshed. :)


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