Monday, February 4, 2013

Good Day / Good Check IN with Clinic

Hey all:
Well it is hard to believe but 12 months ago I laid on a operating table and had a bariatric procedure completed. It has been a journey with ups and down, just like life, but after today I realized that I have the best support team of professionals that anyone could ever hope to have.   Dr Hanly with his beg smile and firm hand shake. Always supportive and truthful. Summer who cares so much about here patients that she can understand the situation and feel the feeling you are going through. Mary Lou who is upbeat and caring, Kay who is a no BS but to the facts and will not pull punches to let you know what you need to know. The office staff, Maria, Marion, and Lisa who are there making sure you are taken care of and comfortable. There is no team of professionals like them and I am proud to call them mine, but even more Friends. If I missed anyone it was not intentional.

So it is time to start gearing up for the 2013 Walk From Obesity Walk A Thon. I will be posting more about that as we get closer. My Goal is to raise $1000.00 this year so you will be hearing from me. LOL

So not a lot to share on the heart issue as of yet. I did get a call from Dr Adams who wants to see me tomorrow about the blood work they just drew. I don't like that because they usually call and say results in and all looks good. hummmm wonder why they want to see me in person. will let you know.

So I watched The Biggest Loser tonight. I kind of stopped watching it because of the dram fest it usually is but tonight was OK.

So I am preparing a presentation for Thursday night Support group. I was asked today to lead it Thursday. Will come up with something useful I am sure.

Look forward to fishing season to start has been a long, cold, and boring winter. So stay safe and God Bless.

Thought for the moment: The things you earn through hard work are the treasure you appreciate the most. :)

Until we me again


Menu for Monday February 4th
Breakfast: 1 Egg / 3 oz Turkey Pastrami / 1/4 cup peaches
Lunch: Strawberry Protein shake / 3 oz sliced turkey
Snack: 1 TBL Jif peanut butter
Supper: 3 oz steak / 1/3 cup green beans / 1/3 cup cottage cheese with pears

68 oz of fluids

activity limited until cleared by Doctors.

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