Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So first an update on the Dr visit today. The electrocardiogram results are in. The left lower section of the heart shows a little enlarging and thickening of the muscle but very little so that should not be causing any trouble. The valves are tight and operating correctly and the pressure in the heart are spot on so that part is good news. I see the cardiologist on the 12th so hopefully will have a more conclusive idea of what is going on and what needs to be done.  

Now on to the topic of addictions. When people think of addicts they mainly think of drugs, but as we know, alcohal,sex and many other things can fall into this catogory. People who, for the most part fall into these catorgories are considered ill and in need of therapy or counceling. However when it comes to my addiction we are labeled LAZY, OUT OF CONTROL, NO SELF CONTROL, NOT WILLING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. to that I say BS.

Food addiction is more common in the United States of America's society than any other addiction and is grossly untreated or treated incorrectly. The very first thing I will tell you is when your health care provider says, "just push away from the table"; the only table you should push away from is that examining table and get as far away from that person as possible. But the good news is there are fewer and fewer of the stone age doctors in practice today. Most health care providers have much more knowledge today than ever. Does this mean they treat this problem correctly, unfortuneltly not. That is not to say that they are a bad phycisian but not all doctors know everything. That would be ridiculous to expect. However in today society where your doctors office is more of a multiple level health center than the old doc with one nurse and worked around the clock in multiple counties.

Take my health facility that I visit. There are several doctors with a wide variety of specialties.  They have a PA who is also an RD and a Dialectic specialist. They have nursed who can do a wide variety of jobs from taking a simple temp to drawing blood or even running a EKG. We defiantly have come a long way baby. But even with all this knowledge at are finger tips if WE as the patient are not going to do what we are told it is all for not. If I gave you a shovel, a map, and exact instruction on where and how to dig up a million dollars but you chose not to do the digging you are no closer to being rich than when I gave you the information. So yes, sorry to say but the ball is in are court. We do or do not succeed depending on our willingnes to do the right thing. Is it easy. Forget that idea. easy is not anywhere in this neighborhood. A lot of hard work, tears, frustration, disappointment, yeah there you are getting the idea. But you will not ever regret the work and you will feel like you have never felt before. So Addiction, yes I am a food addict, always will be. Can I beat it? Try to stop me.

Find the help, see an expert, find a support system, join a support group, Remember as long as you never give up you will never fail. :)

thought for the moment:
When it is raining, dance in the rain. It is fun!

Until We Meet Again


Menu for Tuesday February 5th
Breakfast: egg and cheese omelet / Turkey sausage patty / Toast / pear
Lunch:  3/4 cup Turkey Chili / 12 crackers
Snack: 2 oz of Turkey pastrami
Supper: 3 oz Chicken breast / 1/4 cup carrot / Fruit Cocktail / 1/3 cup cottage cheese

56 ox of fluids

Activity limited until after cardio exam.

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