Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Recipe

So I have a new (to me) recipe. Low caloric and pretty good if I do say.

I guess you could call it Asian chicken  Salad:

3 oz Baked Skinless-boneless chicken breast
2 cups green salad
1 oz Roasted Pinion Nuts
1 small apple
Asian style Dressing

Take and cube your 3 oz chicken. add to salad (lettuces 2 or 3 kinds for variety, scallions, radishes, and bell pepper). Mix then add nuts. (can use almonds or any nut you enjoy) Dice Apple and add to salad. I use the spray dressings so it is 10 sprays. For a little to a lot of heat you can add creole seasoning but watch out it gets hot fast. 

Thats it. Serves one. a very nice meal. 

I hope you try and enjoy it. 

This dish is approx 365 Calories (depending on what you use for dressing and nuts)


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