Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Days in Days out

Talk about losing yourself. It seems like I am doing so much that I can't get anything done. lol

Things are going great on the weight loss side. I am 3 pounds away from my surgery goal. That means I have lost 96 pounds since May 23rd of this year. 

I will be going to the Bariatric reunion at St Mary's tomorrow night. looking forward to meeting some of the people I have talked to over the phone but have never gotten to meet in person. 

My therapist says she is going to write my clearance letter for surgery next week so it should not be long before I can announce a concrete date for the surgery. It has been a while. But the journey thus far has just been the begging. Just wait and the great stuff is yet to come. 

Since Jan 2011 I have lost a total of   118 pounds. Now with the added tool and a completely different attitude I am on my way to success. 

May the Lord continue to Bless us all in are daily walk!


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