Monday, October 3, 2011

Kicking It In The HEE HAW!!!!

So there are the day's that you wonder what is going on and is it worth it all. Worth what all? I am eating, Breathing, and moving around. What is it that I am doing that I would give up, Life, a chance to go back to work, or get off this %^&&##(** disability?

The answer is simple, The mind can make us believe we are doing something extra when we are losing weight. The fact of the matter is we are doing what we should have been doing all along. So out with the stinkin thinkin and onward.

I have bumped the walking up to a little over 1,000 steps three times a day, lifting light weights and drinking my water. They say that 10,000 steps is just right for optimal health. 10,000 steps equal 5 miles. So I am getting over one mile a day, that is a far cry from "the mailbox and back".

So I guess I am just saying when you need to get angry do so but not at anyone, but at yourself and say, look we are going to do this so suck it up and get it done! getting angry is not bad, it is what you do with the anger that can cause trouble.

Here's to better days ahead. Healthier, happier, and more full filling.

Stress Reducers:
Plan ahead
Make sure you follow that plan
Realize you are worth it

Words of Wisdom:
When you know you have gone as far as you can go, Get up and go some more!

May the Lord Bless you all in what ever journey you are on.


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