Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Another Day

Woke up to brrrrr weather this morning. It was so cold two nights ago I dreamt of snow. We went right from hot to cold. What happened to Fall? Well I am inching my way closer and closer to that goal mark for the surgery. I have had people ask me why I need to do surgery. When you are as large as I am it is hard to lose weight after reaching a certain point. The surgery is just a tool to help continue that weight loss. It will still take watching what I eat and exercise just like now.

I received an e-mail from Chris Powell the other day. I had written him a few months back to see if he had any tips to share. I have an application to fill out for his show, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. While that sounds like a good thing, I also have to consider what it took me to get to this stage. I may go ahead and fill it out but they get thousands of these apps and only a very few actually get chosen. It is a neat thing, if you have never seen the show; Chris comes to your home for one month to work with you and show you how to work out and eat. Then he leaves and you are on your own, weighing in every three months with him I think. He pays for your food for the one year and leaves you with a fantastic gym that he converts one room of your house into. So there are some perks but what I like over "The Biggest Loser" is that there is no game. you can't be voted off. You are in the program for one year if chosen.

I am now seeing a therapist so I am not to thrilled about this. I do not like dredging up the past. I understand the idea behind therapy and addiction transfer, but I just do not like talking about myself. So I will do my best. The real me, I do not know if I know the real me. I have hidden behind so many masks that I don't know for sure who that is. So we will see. I am hoping to be able to have surgery by December, that would be a nice Christmas present. In the mean time it is time to pull out the coat and gloves ans walk, walk, walk. Figuring that 10,000 steps are five miles then I am doing about 1.25 miles a day now. A long way from the one to two hundred steps I used to do.

So if you are out there thinking it is time ti do something for yourself, get up and get moving. even in the winter time, if you can not afford a gym membership, go to a mall and walk around. Go to Wal Mart, you would be surprised how much walking you can get done there. The idea is ti do it today. Don't procrastinate, the only person that can do this is you. So I hope you are ready to start the first day of the rest of your life now!

Stress Reducers:
Using Positive Affermations

Words of Wisdom:
When someone speaks ill of you or tries to hurt you remember, people who do this are people who are envious of what you are or have. Pity them, pray for them, they are the ones with problems!

May The Lord Continue To Walk With You In Every Step You Take.


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