Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting Over? More Like Continue of a life drama!

Well here we are. A few months later but now I can see! I had both eye done so now I see better than I have in a long time.

I am using the Diet Solution this time. It is very easy to follow and I have given up all breads, pastas, and prossed grains. I gave up surgar and sugar substitutes. The thing is I do not crave or miss any of them. I have beem going fo 12 days and have lost 14 pounds. Not bad. I am able to walk a little now for exercise.

I gave up sugar yea but why sugar substitutes? I once heard that if you can not pronounce what is in the ingredients list you should not put it in your mouth. So that is one reason. The other is I read, Will try to track the book down; that the brain does not know the difference between real sugar and sugar substitutes. It just knows it is sweet and releases insulin. No sugsr equals a high level of insulin in the body which means stored FAT!  (Please note I AM NOT a doctor nor do I claim to have the answer. I am just passing on possible reasons for weight retention.)

Ok so i am having to edit because I hit the post button by mistake. getting back on the horse sometimes we fall off lol.

So tonight I have a seminar to attend on weight surgery. It is for information. I am keeping all options open at this time. Will share some of that Later.

Well I have to run for now but look forward to posting soon. If anyone reads this I hope I can be of some help and encouragement!



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