Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Pain no Gain? Not Necessarily

Up and at it this morning. Pain a little worse today in back. probably the trip to GJ and the walking. Took a little self prompting but got out and did my walk this morning. I saw a video last night on walking. According to some national statistics to maintain optimal benefit you should walk 10,000 steps a day. This is total including all activity. This is not speed walking. It is walking period. The average person, according to this video; get between 3 and 5 thousand steps in a normal day. If you work on your feet, like a factory worker; you probably get more than that. !0,000 steps are equivalent to 5 miles. Now this may seem like allot but yesterday I walked around 1200 and while this is a far cry from 10,000 for me it was a very good day. Also you do not start at 10,000. You work up to that. Some suggestions were, talking on the phone-Do not set. Walk around while you talk. A cordless maybe a little less "bound Up" LOL. , Doing dishes- walk in place. Take mail to or pick up from box- while out of house walk around the block before going back in. Housework is a ton of walking. Some places are taking away the chairs, raising the desks to standing heights and even putting treadmills or elliptical machines in the cubical or office. The point is MOVEMENT IS GOOD! You do not have to be a marathon runner or even a speed walker. Just MOVE!

A little sore, especially if you are not use to it is ok. If you start having severe pain in joints, back, or chest check it out with your doctor. [ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING A NEW EXERCISE REGIME] especially if you have preexisting problems. If you have a history of heart problems and not use to exercise, go out and run a mile, drop dead you really have not help yourself or loved ones. [That my be exaggerated but you get the point] In most cases you are not an athlete in great shape so start slow and work up. You will be surprised, like me. I started walking to the mail box once a day, second month twice a day; now in third month I am walking 800 to 1000 steps a day. For someone my size with a back injury that is not bad and it will get better.

Stress Reducers:
Talking with a friend
Looking at old family photos
Reading the bible

A little more about me:
I received a post on face book the other day from an old schoolmate of mine. It brought back fond memories of that time. I remember Mr. Dale who shared his lunch with me almost every day. I doubt his mom knew that. lol Hey at least I help keep you thin. I remember it became one of my favorite but no healthy lunches. It was velvetta cheese on white bread with miracle whip. Now doesn't that scream health food? lol There was Mr. Kevin, nickname Freight train. He was not overweight he was just a tall guy that was not skinny. He had a heart of gold, where ever he is I hope he still does. Mr. Ted who was a little strange. He was into Pro Wrestling and enjoyed putting all the new moves on people. Some of those really hurt. There was of course Mr. Tony. I remember his house and his bedroom pointed towards the Drive In, this was before the vocals being transmitted over radio waves so you could watch but not hear. My freshman year was the year the school buried a 100 year time capsule, that would be around 2075 or so. I think the football team finally beat its rival Montrose Indians or maybe that was just a wish. I remember alot of men and women that they have become. I pray the watches over them all and help guide them to him. There were the bullies to but they are a distant memory that are forgiven for the pain they caused me both physical and mental. I could not close this part out without mentioning my favorite teachers throughout the years: Mrs. Austin 5th or 6th grade and her famous yellow papers. Mrs. Wallace Strict but fair and a wonderful educator. Mrs. Smith my first crush 4th grade. Coaches have to be Mr. Clay and Mr. Wise Tough but self esteemed builders. Mr. Hutchinson, Student teacher working on his education cert. Art. With out a dought Mr. Dogherty Spelling may be off, art. Way up on the top floor, more like puffery, of old high school. Mr. Conner Algebra, who could pull that answer out of you when you did not even know you had it. Mr. Lucy just because of his crazy uncle stories. Mrs. Montgomery Freshman English who brought books to life. Mr. Rodgers & Mr. Winters Science came alive. In college it had to be Dr Lovejoy, again another self esteem builder. [I still owe him a paper from 1381, think he forgot; probably not. lol There were of course others like Mr. Gunter Mahner who taught a handful of kids to rebuild a VW engine and his vesper evenings and veg pizza. Mr. Clark who took a personal interest in me and became a big brother influence loved the workouts at the health spa. There were a few Drill Srgts who only strengthened my resolve by telling me I would never make it. So to you all, it was not always fun but it was educational and part of who I am today so Thank You. More Later

May the Lord Keep you safe as you go through today


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