Monday, March 12, 2012

Tough Weekend

Had a rough weekend. I did not want to eat and when I did eat I ate to much which really does not take to much to eat to much. But today is Monday and I am doing better today. Back on Track. I expect set backs from time to time because this is a life changing journey I am on. Not just so I can fit in a pair of new jeans. Don't miss understand me. If you have five or 10 pounds to lose that journey can be as difficult;t to go on than me who has 350 pounds to lose. 

The good new is I lost another 8 pounds last week. That brings the total to 165 pounds. So out of the 350 pounds I needed to lose I know only have 185 more to go. So I am almost half way there. 

It has not been easy. Filled with pitfalls and plateaus but plenty of success also. I just erg you that n matter how donnting the journey seems remember this, "A journey begins with one step". It does not have to be a big step. Set attainable goals. Maybe you start with one less pop this week or not going for seconds. What ever you do be faithful to it and if you slip don't say I will start again tomorrow start right then even if it means dumping the rest of the pop or throwing away what is left of the seconds. I believe you can do it so you already start with one support person on your side and there will be many more. I guarantee it!

Here is wishing you all a Happy Day and Week.

May the LORD bless you and answer your prayers this week. Remember tho the answer is not always yes!

Until next time

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  1. Hang in there, Tom. You are looking so good, but even more, there is a spring in your step that you couldn't do a few months ago.