Friday, March 8, 2013

Day Light Savings Time

Well it is here. the time to jump those clocks ahead one hour. I always thought that was pretty cool when I worked Grave Yards because you got an hour knocked off your time and only had to work a 7 hour day. But then in the fall you got hit with a 9 hour day when you jumped back so it all played out in the end. :)

Well I went and cleaned part of the church today. looks like I will have to chop it into 3 days. after an hours worth of work my heart rate went up to 130 and did not feel real good. I did not make support group tonight  because I just felt blah and rung out. hope we get a solution to this soon. I know many are praying for a quick solution and I appreciate every one of them.

Going to see the plastic surgeon next week I think so we will see what he can do about some of this hanging skin that causes some problems now.

Hope all is going well with you all. hang tough and keep moving forward. Remember the way you lose is if you give up and stop trying. :)


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